Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Wow! Check out this wonderful email! A new method advocate is born! (Scary story, happy ending!)

"My name is Netta and I love your blog. I recently started using method after I almost killed myself. Seriously, no joke. About two weeks ago I was at home alone cleaning my bathroom and I did not realize that the fumes were overtaking me. I was on my knees cleaning my bathtub and started feeling light headed and nauseous.

Before I finally realized what was going on I blacked out and when I came to I realized that I was laying on the bathroom floor. I found enough energy to crawl out of the bathroom to the nearest bedroom and I threw the window open and took in some fresh air until I felt better. When I realized what had just happened I said that I am never using my toxic cleaners anymore. I was one of those people that was used to the toxic cleaners and believed that if it did not have all the fumes it would not do a good job.

A friend of mine has been telling me about method but I never paid her any attention, I thought that my hazardous cleaners were all that I needed. I called my friend and told her what had just happened to me and she said "first thing in the morning, I am taking you to Target and you are going to get some method products". We made the trip and I wound up spending about $130 because she basically told me that I had to get some of everything that method had to offer. I have both floor cleaners, I have dish liquid (lavendar and grapefruit), surface cleaner (lavendar and grapefruit), glass cleaner with the microfiber cloth, the furniture polish with the microfiber cloth, I have the almond flower shower gel, soap and handwash (I love these), I have the whole bathroom line (lil bowl blu, the scrub, the daily shower, tub & tile, and bathroom wipes) and I love it all. I have 3 bathrooms in my house and I hate cleaning bathrooms. Since I bought the method bathroom line all three bathrooms have been cleaned about 3 or 4 times within the last 2 weeks and I love the fresh clean minty smell. So long for the bleach smell that lingers for hours.

Today is laundry day for me so I have the method fresh water detergent, and aloe fabric softener (that was all that Target had on the shelf) I love dryer sheets and was disappointed to see that it was not available at Target. I'll keep an eye out for them if not I have to order from the method website. I saw your blog about trying the naked dish soap as a pretreater and I tried it last night since I am doing laundry today so I will see how that turns out.

I will keep checking your blog and please let me know when I can register to become a method advocate. I would definitely love to join. By the way, I have my best friend hooked on method now. According to her, that's all that I talk about so she had to try it for herself to see what I was making such a fuss about and she loves it too."


Anonymous said...

My washing machine wants to kill me -- the instructions for stain removal on the inside of the lid say to mix ammonia and bleach. SCARY. I'll stick with Method, thanks.

steve parker said...

welcome to the family! (is it weird to consider method one big happy family? i have more in common with a method advocate than i do anyone in my family, but that's another story.) i hear about people falling in love with method after having tried one, then two, then three products. it's neat to read about someone who jumps in head first and buys the whole line. (i wonder what the cashier was thinking, ringing up a cart full of method. i always go through the same cashier's line every week. a few months ago, she told me she started using method because i and a few other regulars always had at least one method item in their cart, so she decided to see what the fuss was about, and now she's hooked.) good luck with the newfound love for method and for cleaning.

steve parker said...

mix ammonia and bleach! is that even legal?

Netta said...

Hi Steve,
My friend took me to Target and she uses method products. Since, I didn't know anything about method she picked the items and told me what they were for so I decided that I would try what she told me. I jumped headfirst into it because of my bathroom incident. It scared me to death (well almost) I don't want to ever experience that again so I replaced all of the cleaning items in one shot. I figured that if I didn't like them I would return them to Target for a refund and maybe curse my friend out. After using the products within a 2week period I must say that I am very satisfied and I don't get light headed and a runny nose anymore when I clean so method is a keeper for the way the cashier was looking at me like I was crazy then she finally asked if I liked the products that much. I told her that it would be my first time trying them and I would let her know if I like them. I went back on Monday to get my detergent and softner and purposely got on her line and told her how much I loved everything that I bought.

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