Thursday, October 2, 2008

moment of lust - lil' bowl blu + le scrub roundup

Hey, remember this? method lust's moment of lust where I post a moment of lust every other week. At the end of the second week, I'll repost the previous moment, and have everyone give their results after using the product! (Ok, I'm a few days behind here, sorry! I apologize! Just the norm here on method lust, now ain't it?)

So the first product selection(s) was lil' bowl blu and le scrub! Those great method bathroom items! You only had to purchase one, unless you were feeling crazy that day, and test it out! Did you do it? Did you pick up the product and give it a two week try? What were your thoughts! Did you take this challenge?


kaoticorchid said...

I didn't try them just for the 'moment of lust', but already own them and will chime in on what I think. I like lil' bowl blue just fine-works as good if not a little better than the name brand stuff for me. No more ring around the toilet-yay! Le scrub definitely keeps the tiles (all 8 kajillion of them) clean, but it's a chore to clean them as often as I should for the product to work at it's best.

kellyshaffner said...

Love the Little bowl Blu cleaner! I can have a perfectly clean toilet, without the fumes of regular bowl cleaners.
It makes me happy :o)

AER said...

Love them both! They smell heavenly and work very well. I will say though that I had left Little Bowl Blu on a bit longer than recommended - ok, I forgot about it - and it was REALLY hard to get it off. Took a long time, but at least it smelled nice.

Annette said...

I purchased these a few weeks ago in the HSN bundle. The toilet cleaner I had already tried and can take or leave it. I don't notice a real difference in it and other bowl products, plus it STINKS to me.

However, the Le Scrub has my tub sparkling. I had used about everything I could come up with to get tar (yes tar) off of the tub and nothing worked. Until Le Scrub. I highly recommend it and it has a much fainter scent than the Lil' Bowl Blu which I can tolerate.

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