Thursday, July 24, 2008

tea + cookies

method luster Robert got us going this week with his big reveal of the new Holiday scents method has coming out later this year. So hey, why live for today (ain't nothing happening today anyway! Actually, nothing exciting happens for me most any day, but let's not go there, alright?) I just got some great news as to what the new special edition fall aircare scents will be! This year we have:

+ Gingerbread + Spice
+ Pomegranate Tea

Gingerbread + Spice is a returning favorite, while Pomegranate Tea is a new scent for method! They've had Pomegranate hand wash before, but I'm sure this one will smell different, with the tea undertone. Can't wait! (Oh, I know, it's still summer, right? But only for one more month! Ha ha! (Or something like that...)

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robertcraig said...

Oh, I think I am going to like the new P + T scent. I hope it is a deep burgundy color. Something good for those warm lazy days of September.

Thanks for the info!

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