Wednesday, July 9, 2008

omop inside and out

You might recall my little omop incident last week, and how broken up I was about it all! I just ran around with half an omop, sweeping up the floor. But you know, it's just not the same as a whole omop, it's not as cool; and you might just look silly, without a handle and all. I'm just sayin', is the thing. So it was with great happiness the wonderful method folk (ok, well, ONE in particular, no? Yes! Yay!) sent me a gracious coupon for a replacement omop, which I could redeem at Target. Hmm, now if only I could find a Target somewhere by? WHERE ever might there be one? Oh wait, I'm in one as I type this.

No, I'm not REALLY. But that would be me, wouldn't it. Sigh...

So anyway, I was so excited! I mean, I'm excited because I can replace my sad little broken omop with a brand new one, even though it's still an omop. But I was still excited! Yes, I know, I haven't started my medication, I promise, real soon like. So I thought I'd do a little by the numbers photo op on the new bamboo packaging (with my continuing theme of sucky photos. Really, I mean, I go to food blogs and their photos are like works of art? What the crap is my problem? Huh.) Someone had mentioned in the past it was like opening an ipod, with all the cool packaging, folding back one section of the box and moving on to the next. And you know, they're sort of right! Check it out!

That is what you first see when you pop off the top! (Faux fur blanket not included with purchase! It's mine, hands off!) The floor cleaner and cloth sitting all nice and pretty. The compostable cloths, and a small booklet are included beneath the all floor cloth.

The little compartments the products sat in have sayings on the packaging. The cleaner says: "just squirt + mop. no water. no bucket." while the cloth compartment says: "people friendly. floor (and tube sock) friendly. planet friendly."

And TADA! Oh my, someone stole my omop! Man, I knew they were popular, but... Oh alright, so uh, I put the entire thing together in the truck while I was waiting in front of a pizza shop for my deliciously bad for you food to get all cooked up (I told you I was excited!) so I couldn't take a pic of the pieces in the box. Sigh... but here's where they'd be! They now have (slightly annoying, as they're really helpful, but take a tiny bit of work to remove. But that's just me whining) these stickers that tell you how to put it together easily. A, B, and C. (But cuter, they say A, B, C in a humorous way, something like A to B, B easy, B peasy, to C almost done, and such; but I took mine off, so uh, I forget exactly. Forgive me, ok!)

There you go, the omop show! Now, run out and get one for yourself! You know you want one!

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Nate said...

The omop is on clearance at my Target! What?

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