Thursday, July 10, 2008

shrinky dinks

Recently, while roaming the method home site, I noticed they're gone down by one pawn dish soap bottle. They used to carry both cucumber and french lavender, but now only have the lavender. I used to think method was carrying these bottles on their site as limited edition purchases, since the pawn/ bowling pin bottle is so iconic with their brand (it was their first bottle design by Karim Rashid, and many feel it was simply "before it's time.")

While you can see method implementing the bottles functional design in other products, such as the baby + kids shampoo and body washes, as well as the new marine naturals line out in August; people still yearn for those great ole' dish soap bottles! And I'm not so sure method is keeping them in stock on their site anymore; instead they may simply be using up their supply (given that cucumber has gone away.)

But I stumbled upon this comment from another method advocate:
"I agree the dishwashing liquid container is a bit cumbersome. i think the karim rashid design is perfect but perhaps a bit smaller."

Yo, yo! Is that not a great idea, or what?! What if they took the exact pawn design (with the new no leak improvements, as I know they've made these changes with the new baby/kids/marine naturals lines. The very first versions sort of leaked at times.) But what if they took the exact pawn design, and shrunk it down, to a more manageable size. (Cause I gotta say, I love the bottle, but it is sorta BIG! In fact, it won't fit on my sink counter where I put my other method dish soap bottles, so I think smaller MIGHT be better!)

A lot of people were thinking method was working on a new dish soap bottle (since there have been problems with the current one, but with the new thumb notch, I'm wondering if they're not sticking by this one.) I think the new bottle is a really nice design, but bringing back the old iconic pawn bottle in a smaller form would rock our worlds!

Here's to wishing!

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robertcraig said...

I have always loved this dish soap bottle. And I have never had any problems with it. It has never leaked on us, it is super easy to grab and squeeze and it is simply absolutely beautiful. I have a brand new mandarin orange bottle full of dish soap on my desk at work. Because the shape, plastic texture and typography is gorgeous.

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