Monday, July 28, 2008

method lusts ants

method luster Tisa sent me this cute email:

"I too love everything method. I'm a method junkie, a meth (od) head of sorts. Just wanted to drop you this line. If there was ever a doubt about Method REALLY being non-toxic, doubt no longer.

Yesterday, I saw some ants in my kitchen, so I grabbed the first thing I saw. Since I'm completely methodized, It was the mint window cleaner. I aimed and sprayed those suckers down. It didn't phase them a bit. They were a little wet and minty, but they kept on moving. The fact that they didn't die completely overshadowed the fact that, well, they didn't die. So if anyone asks "how do you know Method is REALLY non-toxic" forward them my email. Keep up your blog. I LOVE READING IT!"

Minty ants, I lust it! Thanks Tisa!

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