Tuesday, July 29, 2008

wet is (still) the new dry

method luster Capri sent me an email asking:

"Suddenly I can not find any dryer sheets in Canada. I checked 3 different Shopper's Drug Marts (where I normally get it) and none of them had any. I also checked a CDN tire with no luck. Do you know if they are being re-designed or something?

...I always worry about disappearing method products up here in Canada. I am actually partially planning a trip to a Target in Montana just to load up on Method items for my addiction. I even make method baskets up as presents. Those around me will love method... one way or another."

As far as I know, Capri, the wet dry sheets are still alive and kickin! I will tell you (in the case of doing a Target run for dryer sheets; though I'm sure you're going for all sorts of goodies!) the wet dry sheets have also, indeed, been missing from Target stores for quite some time now. They were clearanced near the beginning of 2008. Poo! But upon asking The Great Sarah! she did let me know that the wet dry sheets were here to stay! SO, unless something has changed, that's still the official method announcement.

I wonder often how method can continue to produce products that are clearanced from retail stores; and pretty much only available on their website. I always fear this means the downfall of that particular product. (I LUST their dryer sheets! I so wish they were more readily available.) Here's to hoping Target, and all the other retail stores, wake up!


Lori said...

I live in Canada as well... Shoppers is phasing out Method as they have their own Bio-Life brand now. I find Safeway is a good place to find stuff - and suddenly, London Drugs is packed with Method stuff...

Netta said...

I have been having a lot of bad luck from my local Target myself. They discontinued the baby line and I use the lotion and a lot of the method products that are usually in abundance are now out of stock. So I have been Target hopping and a few of them have what I need and others don't. So I have to suck it up and order the items that I cannot find for the sake of driving around and wasting gas and not finding what I am looking for anyway.

Aaron said...

With the new packaging coming out, I think a lot of these old scents may become white elephant items... Boo!

Ether said...

I'm having trouble finding things I used from Method at my local Targets as well. I'm also getting irritated at the fragrance streamlining getting rid of fragrances which were unique and wonderful, and going to things which smell like every other (albeit more chemical) brand.

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