Tuesday, July 1, 2008

wha? ohhh.

So last night I'm all excited to give my new waterflower bloq body wash a try (cause uh, you guessed it, I have NO life), having never previously purchased this scent! I squeeze some out, get ready to lather it over my face, start to spread it in my hands, and I'm like:

"GAH?! Wha? It's all gritty? What the crap! I swear, this is why I never buy personal care products at Goodwill! I bet someone put something in this... oh, man, what did they put in this? Well, it could just be sand. Maybe some trickster decided to fill this with a little sand. Figures that the ONE bottle of all the bottles I pick up was screwed with! I swear... well, maybe it's just on the top and I can squeeze it all out."

So I start doing that, a little squeeze at a time, test the texture, still gritty. About four squeezes in, I go, "what is going on here? and I look at the side of the bottle. In tiny print it says "exfoliator + olive oil." DING DING! What the heck? You know, they should have promoted that better on the bottles, I bet some people would have bought that especially for the exfoliant; as all three other scents did not have this property. At any rate, I was relieved, and tried it out! Hey, I like it! Nice and subtle.

Did anyone else have this experience, or uh, were you smarter than me? Go on, you can tell the truth. Oh, and one thing we forget, the bloq line is STILL available for purchase on the method home site! So don't be left out (until the new marine naturals line debuts in August! More on that very soon!)


steve parker said...

ok, i bought pure minimalist as soon as the bloq line hit the shelf and am still using the stockpile i bought when it went clearance at Target. until today, i did not know the body wash had a built in exfoliant. i always dispense body wash directly onto a loofah. i just went to my bathroom and dispensed a little onto my hand and it's gritty! the things you learn! looking forward to the new marine naturals line in August.

Leslie said...

The best thing: The exfoliant isn't polypropylene (plastic) like it is in darn near every other exfoliating product on the market!! Woot!! (Now I must go find some! Argh!)

Nathan Aaron said...

Man, it's crazy when we have things like seeds and such (wouldn't those work?) that could be used as exfoliant, companies of COURSE go to plastic. method's is, apparently from what I gathered in the ingredients list: rice bran wax. Hmm!

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