Monday, July 28, 2008

japanese sniffin'

Oh my word! Drool! Over on method's people against dirty blog, Nate Pence had this to say:

"We spotted this menu in a window in Japan. We were drawn to the incredible scents (bayberry, anyone?) and the colors in what looked like the window of a nail salon. Further sleuthing revealed this to be an airbar, where you can order up some fresh air, infuse with the scent of your choice and then sit back and breathe deeply.

Great way to get a fresh air fix in the middle of the city."

MAN! Would that not rock! I think I'm going to open one of these in Greensboro. Ok, it would never go over here. (Hey Steve, think Charlotte would like one of these?) This is so cool! And airbar?! Mmm, the possibilities! I mean, all I do now is sniff every method item in Target (and at home, and in the car, and while I'm sleeping, and...) (Same stuff, still sniff! I'm a sniffin' fool! Ok, maybe that doesn't sound right. Don't D.A.R.E do drugs, kids. But SNIFF away at the airbar! Yes!) I mean, lavender tangerine, peppermint wintergreen (hello!?), lavender balsam fir needles, orange peppermint, oh dear... can't think straight. So excited. They need method airbars! With method scents! Oh yes, they do.


steve parker said...

i thing this would fit right into NoDa (our arts district, a total SoHo wannabe side of town). we'll accept anything here in charlotte. we have a church that advertises themselves on local bar shot glasses and a pink high-rise condo building on the edge of uptown, so why not an airbar??

Nathan Aaron said...

LOL Oh I know NoDa! They had an Urban Market there once, and then (at least to my knowledge) never held another one. I thought it was a lot of fun! Airbar, here we come!

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