Wednesday, July 9, 2008

gimme some grass

Andrew Taylor loves some cut grass! You don't believe me? Believe this! (Oh, and this post is from late last year, but it's a perfect time to mention it, as the new fall scents aren't far off, and all our spring/summer editions will bid us farewell!):

"A while back, my good friend Sara alerted me to the existence of air freshening products bearing my all-time favorite scent: fresh-cut grass. Apparently Target's in-house boutique cleaner and life-betterment brand, Method, makes a whole line of things that smell like cut grass: candles, scent rings (not plug-in), aroma pills (plug-ins), aerosol mist and incense-looking (but not burnable) scent sticks.

I don't often go to Target for home products; usually if I'm there, it's for appliances or clothing products, particularly Merona-brand underwear. But this weekend I had occasion to go to the SuperTarget in the next town over with my sister, also named Sara. We walked around pretty much the whole store, and just by chance, I spied the air fresheners and walked over, totally forgetting what non-relation Sara told me about Method's cut grass scent. But right there they were, a whole line of products that smell like fresh, sweet, wonderful grass!

But then I noticed something kind of sinister: All the cut grass-scented products were marked for clearance. Did this mean yet another grass-related product was biting the dust (after the now-discontinued Yankee Candle)? I bought an aroma pill and ran to the Internet to ask unrelated Sara if this was true. She said Method does seasonal rotation of their scents, which means the cut grass stuff (and some other summery/springy stuff) is being sold out of stock now to make room for wintry scents (I imagine piney stuff, maybe peppermint?).

So! If you too, are in love with cut grass smell, and you'd like to keep that smell in your life through the long, cold winter, drive briskly to your neighborhood Target and stock up while you can! It goes without saying I already love my aroma pill, which will fill my room with this sweet loveliness for the next 6 to 8 weeks, and I think you will too, no matter what scent you favor (but cut grass is the best).

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Sara tells me that Target is not the exclusive retailer for Method products. I'll reproduce part of her comment here for ease of perusal:

"One small correction: Method isn't Target-exclusive, not completely. They're just kind of... inconsistent about where they're stocked. Like, sometimes you can find their products at Linens and Things, sometimes not. They have the body wash at Jewel, but not the cleaning products. And, like I mentioned on my livejournal that time, there's I think Target is just their main retailer, somehow. I'm just putting this here in case any of your readers don't have a Target nearby: you have options! You can shop online! Etc."

So there! No excuse not to smell like cut grass (when it's in season)."

You can currently find the cut grass scent in aroma sticks and rings at Target; and the pills, candles and refills can be found at Big Lots (and possibly some other discount stores?) You can also find the candles and aroma sticks at And I'm telling you, it's crazy how many friends/associates/etc. even I talk to that think method is some in-house brand for Target! I guess it's a curse and a blessing! Either way, we know where to go!


James McKee said...

A little late finding this post but cut grass is/was my favorite scent too! This year at my Target their selection of cut grass was really limited. I think they only had the air spray. Oh what I'd give for cut grass aroma pills. :(

Anonymous said...

I live in Michigan and we have a store called Big lots, which buys other stores overstock and sells it at a discount. I found cut grass there. They only sold the whole unit , not just the refills but they were only $4.00 so I stocked up. I'll just give the units away to my sisters and keep the pill refills for myself. I have the sweet smell of cut grass in my bedroom as we speak....and loving it.


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