Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christmas in July

Quick post here, I just received a notice from method luster Robert with some big Holiday (early!) news:

"Okay, so why this wasn't already on this site, I don't know. You disappoint me as a gay man. The gays are all about the holidays:

Holiday 2008:

+ Frosted Fir
+ Spiced Pear
+ Toasted Hazelnut
+ Winterberry

I dont know what formats. HO HO HO!!!"

Wow, Thanks! That ROCKS! I can't believe you're already thinking Christmas! Man! Ok, as for why it isn't already on the site? Surprisingly, Holiday hasn't made it to my head yet (much.) You got the goods early, and we're all better for it! I'm wondering what all they'll release this year? OH, I'm so excited. See, I almost don't even want to know. I love during November, walking into Target, and discovering the new Holiday method end cap, and seeing all that glittering wonderment! Oh yes! These sound like great scents, and I can't believe (after I bought up all the discontinued product! Ha! Always happens to me...) they are re-releasing Spiced Pear! Wow, that scent is Heavenly... Thanks again, Robert. More as it becomes available. Don't be too disappointed in me. I promise to earn my gay badge back! (It's a joke, people. A joke.)

PS - the pic is of one of method's earlier end cap Holiday displays (not this year.) I really hope they bring back the Holiday aroma sprays. They were sorely missed last year. I'm thinking perhaps they new of the aroma spray issues and decided to hold off last year (as there also was no cut grass and fresh lychee aroma spray for spring.) So hopefully in 2008 we'll see our favorite Holiday fragrances in spray form! (Thanks to ljc fyi for the store pic!)


netta said...

This is going to be my first christmas as a method advocate and I can't wait to try the new holiday scents (new to me at least) and I am pretty sure that I can create some christmas gifts too.

robertcraig said...

I assume winterberry will be red, hazelnut will be brown-ish like last season's cinnamon bark, spiced pear will be that odd green again and frosted fir something like forest green.

We gave tons of Method gift baskets as holiday treats. Everyone loved them.

And I have a stash of Hollyberry candles in my cabinet. I cant wait.

Nathan Aaron said...

Live for today, Robert! Live for today! Oh what the heck, nothing going on today, anyway...

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