Wednesday, July 2, 2008

refresh mint, get it?

Lots of great news to share today! (Have you seen the sneak peek?!)Along with the new personal care line, the new refresh mint (get the name play? refreshment? Ha ha!) scent looks to be showing up in hand wash as well!

I was wondering what had happened to their "floating scent." I sort of call it that, just because method has their basic hand wash line: pink grapefruit, french lavender, sweet water, cucumber and go naked. Then they have this secondary line: sea minerals, green tea + aloe, and there is always this third scent that debuts for a bit of time, and is then replaced. (lemongrass, eucalyptus mint, ginger yuzu, etc.) so I call that one slot the "floating hand wash scent." Yeah, yeah, I just make this stuff up as I go along, ok? Anyway, after ginger yuzu, nothing replaced it (it's usually immediate) so I was like, NO, we need a new scent! And finally it looks like my hand wash prayers have been answered! Refresh mint!

I was EXTRAORDINARILY lucky to receive a sample of the new refresh mint foaming hand wash (which is how I know what the scent smells like, mentioning this in the new marine naturals post.) The more I use it, I definitely feel it's a really light version of green mint. I'm not actually sure why they gave it a new name? But no matter, I think it's drool worthy! I've been running around smelling my hands all morning long! I'm not sure when it's set to debut, but I'm thinking around August as well, with the other items (August is going to be method BIG, baby! Yay!)


steve parker said...

do you think they will release water flower in the hand soaps, that way all body washes will also have a matching hand soap? i hope so. August will be quite a month indeed.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hmm! I had not thought of that, perhaps that's where they're going with things... I'll keep you posted! I'm personally hoping they release refresh mint in aircare form, like they did with beach sage. THAT would so rock!

steve parker said...

i think it makes sense. you mentioned that the marine naturals bottles resemble the pawn dish soap bottles, but i think method designed them to coordinate with the teardrop hand soap bottles, just like the moisture lounge bottles coordinate with the creamy hand soap bottles. it shows a move towards brand continuity and may be an indication that the lines are here for the long haul.

steve parker said...

oh, you said they work like the pawn dish soap bottle, not that they resemble those bottles. i just noticed my mistake, but my point's the same. i'm gonna shut up now before you ban me from the blog ;-)

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