Tuesday, July 22, 2008

copycat, copycat

Finally found a pic (photo on the left) of the Dollar stores's copycat method product, Solutions. Of course all they say is they are "biodegradable" which personally I think is a long way from being completely environmentally friendly. But it sounds good to the average shopper, unfortunately.

Secondly (photo on the right), method luster Aina writes in to say:

"Let me tell you how offended I was when I spotted these (method) knock-offs in a pharmacy around the corner from my house! And they are all of $1. How rude! LOL!"

These products even carry similar scents (cucumber and pink grapefruit) and titles (all-purpose cleaner.) Interesting finds! If you happen to find a copycat/"fake" method product, take a pic and send it in to method lust!

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