Monday, July 7, 2008

goin' microfiber

Last week during one of my many (many, many! The security guard and I should really be great friends by now. NOT that I steal stuff, nah! More so that every time I walk into the store, he's standing at the front, and I'm always imagining what he's thinking as I walk by (something to the nature of "don't you HAVE a life?" to which I'll gladly state, "uh, no. Target here I come!")

While there, I stumbled upon some simple, nice white kitchen towels made from microfiber. I was going to just get some "flour bag" cotton towels, as my new goal is: no more paper towels. It's a squeaky green book thing, and I know it'll help not only the environment, but my wallet (as I bet I go through four or so rolls a month. Those pesky, messy cats! I put all the blame on them, ha ha!) Anyhow, I picked myself up a set of three of these white microfiber cloths, and once my paper towel roll is finished, I'm gonna TRY to use only these towels. I have a feeling I'll need to go by three more, so I have enough throughout the week until laundry day (cause my cats REALLY are that messy!) But I already used one last night to wipe up around the sink, and was surprised at how well it did. It's not gonna be easy, but I'm gonna make it my best go!

I've also decided, while method's compostable sweep cloths are just that, compostable (and work great!), I'm gonna purchase two more all floor sweeper cloths (the washable ones) and use those for all my omopping around the house. That way I'll have a wood for good cloth, and an all floor cloth for mopping; and two all floor cloths for sweeping. I'm going to see if this works out for me, as it'll save me money in the end, and I'll be doing all my cleaning with microfiber washable products, and not throwing out used cloths (compostable or not.) I'll let you know how it all works out! Has anyone else tried this out? How's it going?

Now, what to do with my paper towel holder...?

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