Wednesday, July 9, 2008

lil' happy, lil' sad

First the good news! It seems the new marine naturals personal care line will consist of the aforementioned sea minerals, water flower, and refresh mint body wash; along with the same scents in foaming and gel hand washes. Sea minerals will also see itself in a body scrub (the only scent to make it into the body scrub line, not sure why. Perhaps they're testing it out.) I can't wait, August is really much closer than you think (scarily!)

AND now the bad news! It appears that the body lotion and shaving cream (cringe!) will not be making a return visit. At least not in the foreseeable future. You know, as for the shaving cream, I think it got mixed results. I read lots of reviews about how guys just did not like it for shaving, while women thought it worked great. It was a different texture than most guys are familiar with. And I'll reveal a secret, when I first tried it, I didn't like it so much. It was so thick and wow! But I think it's like coffee, or calamari, Ha! (but no, seriously) it's something that grows on you, and now I love it so! I think it's great. I think a lot of people just didn't give it a chance. Man! I'm so bummed, no shaving cream. I'm surprised. I think I'm gonna go get some more Goodwill backups! I don't wanna go back to Gillette, method! Don't make me! (I think we should start some sort of petition! What do you say?)

As for the lotion, it seems to be a weird thing for method. Ages ago they had hand lotion for a while in signature (which smelled like sweet water to me?), green tea + aloe and french lavender scents, then those went away forever. Then they brought out the bloq body lotion, but it was the first to go in that line. I think the lotion is a great idea, so I hope they revisit both of these products at some point! Especially the shaving cream. I was hoping for post shave lotion, and the such. Alas, I'm still excited for the new body/hand wash line! Refresh mint, come to papa!


robertcraig said...

I hate Method. Yes, I said it. It is almost impossible to find an all natural, synthetic free body lotion that does not cost an arm and a leg or come from Europe.

I am mad today.

andrea n. said...

Nathan - don't go back to Gillette - don't do it - please - save yourself!!!! Have you ever tried the honey-mango -something or other shave stuff from Trader Joes? very similar to Alba shave stuff also. I call it stuff b/c it's not really cream or gel - it's just nice!!!

Nathan Aaron said...

I promise I won't go back to Gillette. I'll head on over to Every Man Jack. I think I used that before I moved to method's shaving cream. BUT I'm gonna go (uh, like today!) and pick up a few more backups. I hope this stuff doesn't go bad! Cause I got like six bottles of it.) The closest Trader Joes is, I think in Charlotte, which is like two and a half hours away. Sigh... I gotta go one day, though! Everyone says it rocks!

steve parker said...

i don't care anymore. i started using the methodbaby body lotion. it smells yummy, and is better than any lotion i have ever used. if method dumps the baby line, then i'll get mad!

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