Monday, July 21, 2008


method products are currently on sale at your local Target! Well, some of them, anyway. The tag says the sale runs through July 26th. Most of the sale covers the spray cleaners, hand washes, and such! (Spray cleaners are $2.66 right now, whereas the usual price is $3.29) Stock up!


Buchanan said...

Thanks for the heads up! I went and stocked up on all purpose spray (I found old labels hiding in the back!) and daily shower spray. All three for only 8 dollars!

Nathan Aaron said...

I know! What does that say when we're searching for old label bottles. Hmm... I was doing the same thing the other day, staring at the pink grapefruit old and new bottle, wondering which to get. The who likes/dislikes the new labels poll is TIGHT! I just think the label colors are too dark. They are happy and bright anymore.

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