Thursday, July 31, 2008

aircare deal-e-oh!

method luster Robert cracks me up, he says:

"Hey candle girl: all the candles are being discontinued at my target. They are on clearance. And also the cut grass aroma sticks and beach sage aroma ring refills."

DUH, I totally forgot to mention this as I ran into my local Target last night (searching for aroma spray, to no avail) and noticed the oddly clearanced items. Cut grass aroma sticks, beach sage aroma ring refills, beach sage candle, and lavender + lemongrass plug-in starter set. What an odd group?! Robert says all the candles at his store are clearanced, so I have a feeling method is getting ready for a new packaging run for their aircare (especially with (I'm guessing) the fall editions hitting in August, as well as aroma spray's return, and such!) Except what's odd is the photography for the new aroma spray bottles still retains their "x-ray" photo design (which I love! I think they should use it for everything they do! But uh, I'm just saying.) So we'll just have to keep watching and see what happens... Thanks Robert!

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