Wednesday, July 30, 2008

squeaky green gets laundry clean!

What is this? Why even MORE new method stuff! Who knew, right? Seems there's a new laundry detergent (and dryer sheets! I guess I was wrong yesterday, they did redesign them!) Check out the details, courtesy of

"Transform dirty and dingy into sweet and clean with the Method Squeaky Green Sweetwater Laundry Kit. With plant-derived ingredients and a nature-inspired scent, these environmentally-friendly products help you do laundry right. And with the reusable laundry bag, you have one more way to keep going green.

Method Squeaky Green Sweetwater Laundry Kit Includes:
+ 32 oz. Sweetwater laundry detergent
+ 40-count Sweetwater dryer cloths
+ Drawstring laundry bag

Product Features:
+ Detergent is biodegradable with hypo-allergenic formula, phosphate-free and dye-free
+ Concentrated formula – enough for several washes
+ Washer compatible – specially formulated for both standard and high-efficiency washers
+ Dryer cloths made from renewable ingredients – soften clothes naturally
+ Water-based technology – infuses softeners directly into fabric
+ Static-free control – eliminates static buildup
+ Wonderfully fresh sweetwater fragrance
+ Method laundry detergent has been included on the Design for the Environment (DfE) approved list
+ Never tested on animals
+ Stylish bright green laundry bag with flowers and “cleans like a mother” on it
Features Method and HSN logos
+ Made in USA"

The bag comes with the HSN purchase, and is $24.95 for the entire package. And watch the video for all the details!

I don't have the information at the moment, but I'll let you know when I find out the other scents this new product comes in!


Netta said...

Just ordered my squeeky green laundry kit and and smarty dish combo from HSN. Can't wait to receive them and try them out.

robertcraig said...

Green sweet water??? It makes me think of algae and dirty pond water. I would never buy this.

steve parker said...

it's not green sweetwater (lol), it's "squeaky green" sweetwater. it's the same sweetwater that everybody (or at least i) know and love. apparently, everything method produces from now on will contain the phrase "squeaky green." i'm ordering mine from hsn as soon as i can find my login (it's been a while).

Aaron said...

Love the new packaging, but why does EVERYTHING have to be in Sweetwater? I know it's a popular scent but personally I think it's rather vile. I know Method is streamlining it's scent portfolio, but ugh... I hope it's not just this or "naked."

Ether said...

Not sure how I feel about the oh so 70's appearance of the new packaging.

steve parker said...

everyone seems to have an opinion on this, but this isn't really a streamlining of scents. sweet water already exists in the laundry detergent and dryer cloths (and i used both back when target carried them). it's just a repackaging. i hope the repackaging will convince target to bring back the 32oz bottles of detergent (since they are so fresh and eye-catching), because i hate those huge 64oz bottles.

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