Tuesday, July 1, 2008

travellin' method

I'm gonna give it a try! Yesterday, in some crazy fit of cleaning that hasn't been seen from me since early 1998, I cleaned my entire truck. Like, washed it (by hand!) vacuumed it, and cleaned the entire (ok, well mostly) insides. All with my grand ole' method vroom products! I swear I'd love for method to remake those, but in scents. They're just SO not method feeling to me, cause they're all scentless. Everytime I spray the glass cleaner, I'm like "where's the mint??" Anyway, my truck is fairly spotless. Well, ok, except for some of the windows. I think I missed some spots last night. I noticed them while driving to work today. I'll hit those up tonight.

So what I'm gonna do next is, I'm gonna go buy some lavender + lemongrass aroma ring refills, and put an aroma ring in my truck! The vroom line had these great "plug-ins" that you attached to your vents; but mine has LONG since ran out of oil; so many people on here have put aroma rings in their vehicles and say they work great, so at lunch today I'm gonna go buy a refill and give it a try! I'll let you know what I think. (I know you're dying with anticipation! Oh, I know! I know.)


steve parker said...

it's great. my car is currently filled with citrus citronella. i just drop a refill in a back cup holder. it changes from month to month based on my mood and whatever special edition scent it currently available.

i also wish method would delve back into auto care. i spend almost as much time in my car as i do at home, it's just another room of my house. (and i hope this would include hand sanitizing wipes, a must for neat freaks like me who often eat in their car.)

travelingblonde said...

so, what did you think of the aroma ring as a car freshener? I just cleaned mine out with all my home products yesterday and would love to scent it with method too!

Nathan Aaron said...

It's working well so far. I'm going to see how long the scent lasts. But I still can't really figure out where to store the disc? Suggestions! I only have two drink holders. I'm using one of them for the disc, but think this is an accident waiting to happen! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I have mine in what should be the ashtry. It works great...and if I feel that I need a little more of my favorite Method scent (Lavendar + Lemongrass) than I open up the ashtry a tiny bit.

colleen said...

another great summer use for aroma rings - for those of you suffering from summer heat who are either cutting down on the air conditioning (great way to save on energy costs!) or don't have it - stick an aroma ring in front of your fan. mmm - sweet smelling, cooling, moving air!

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