Tuesday, July 29, 2008

spray away!

UPDATE I've gotten some word on the rings attached to the tops of the new aroma spray bottles. They are indeed put there for two reasons: one is to remove the need for a cap (and having to remove/put it back on); and the second is so the bottles can't accidentally be sprayed, since they (duh) now have no cap. I agree with method luster Steve, it seems an odd choice of design for method, but we'll see how it goes!

Well look here! method luster Steve has sent us a pic from his Super Target, and they just got the new method aroma sprays in! So they're already hitting the stores! YES!

About the ring? Steve says:

"um, it's a ring. no purpose whatsoever. method ignores it on the back of the label. I like the lidless idea, but method's solution seems a bit odd."

I'd agree. I was somehow hoping they'd redesign the trigger spray, make it a seamless part of the bottle (Febreze bottle style, and such) but huh? I'll have to check it out in person and see. Hopefully soon! I guess you can just use the ring to carry around the bottle?


Sprockets said...

I noticed that HSN already has the smarty dish cubes and some new "squeaky green" laundry detergents and drier clothes (sweet water).


Quill said...

I haven't seen the bottles in person, but my guess would be that the ring keeps the trigger from being set off accidentally.

Netta said...

Glad that they are back so now I can try them for the very first time.

robertcraig said...

I think the design is brilliant. No silly cap to loose in shipment and I think quill is right: the ring protects the trigger. I like the look a lot.

steve parker said...

just make sure the trigger is positioned just so when you spray, or you will have aroma spray hitting the ring (yes, it does move, as does the trigger) and running down the can and onto your hand. (it's a good thing i don't mind smelling like citrus citronella.)

Karin said...

I definitely don't shop at the same Target that Steve does because my Target didn't have any of the new stuff tonight. As a matter of fact, my Target was looking downright bare! I felt like a lot of shelves were missing products...not just the method shelves. What is going on?

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