Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the big one!

Ok, oh my word... Marvo, over on The Impulsive Buy, has let me know he has a review up of the Costco method hand wash refills. Nothing special there, you say? Well, these are the refills that come in method's teardrop bottles, but in MONDO BIG size! And with a cool top! Check out the pic! You don't even realize it, but it's like four times the size of method's normal teardrop hand wash bottles! I can't believe I finally have a pic, it's like the Loch Ness Monster or something! YAY!

WITH that in mind, you have got to read this review, THEN do as I say below, trust me:

"I’d like to think I’m an eco-friendly person. I recycle plastic bottles, glass, newspapers, and cardboard; I drive 40 miles per hour on the freeway and get called “grandma” by non-eco-friendly drivers to maximize my car’s gas mileage; I take lame gifts given to me, rewrap them, and give them to someone else; and I flush the toilet only if I go Number Two. I also love companies that promote eco-friendly products and ideas, so it is no surprise that I really like the Method Sea Minerals Hand Wash Refill, which consists of 96 ounces of pure Method eco-friendly goodness.

The regular 12-ounce bottle of Method Hand Wash costs about $3-$4, so it was really nice to get eight times the amount of soap for only twice the price at Costco. Whether you have to wash after shaking the hand of someone who you think is crazy or get fresh blood off of your hands, the Method Sea Mineral Hand Wash will get your hands clean in a biodegradable, triclosan-free, naturally derived, and animal testing-free way. The Sea Mineral soap itself had a pleasant, clean scent that kind of reminded me of the sea, but I’m not sure about it smelling like sea minerals. Although, I have to admit that I don’t know what sea minerals are, which is, of course, sad because I live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Method could’ve gone the easy route and just put something simple on the bottle to encourage us to recycle it, like “Recycle this, bitch!” Instead, printed on the bottle are their recommendations for possible uses when it’s empty, which are turning it either into a vase, water jug, or piggy bank. However, when I’m done with mine I’m probably going to either go all Matthew McConaughey on it and turn it into a musical instrument or carry it around with me and whenever I come up with a good idea I hold it above my head upside down.

With all of this eco-friendly love, I feel like hugging a tree, but I’m afraid I might hurt it, so instead I’ll have to settle for hugging this huge Method Sea Minerals Hand Wash Refill bottle, which you can see below.

Item: Method Sea Minerals Hand Wash Refill
Price: $7.89
Size: 96 ounces
Purchased at: Costco
Rating: 8 out of 10

Pros: Nice smell. Big refill. Cheap for a Method product. Biodegradable, triclosan-free, naturally derived, and animal testing-free. Convenient handle. It’s blue. Bottle encourages you to reuse the bottle.

Cons: Not sure if it smells like sea minerals. I don’t know what sea minerals are, despite living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I think it’s only available at Costco. Having to be the person who uses the toilet after me."


OK, now watch this video from his site. It says right below it "(Editor’s Note: This guy loves Method products, but I’m sure the video above proves that I love them more.)" 'THIS GUY' links to method lust, and ME! Well, I still say I win! BUT this video had me CRACKING up like, well, I don't even have words for it! It's the most risque, crazy method advocate video I've seen to date! It gets a LITTLE bit WHOA at the end, but it's all in fun jest, and lust for method! Check it out! (Trust me on this one, you have to see it!) Thanks Marvo!


steve parker said...

mildy disturbing, but whatever. i just bought one of these today at costco (in sweet water). it's huge. the lid is the same as the laundry detergent bottle. and it's a way better deal than the refill pouches at target! the back of the bottle suggests (after a thorough rinsing) that the bottle can be used as a canteen, vase, or bank. very cool.

steve parker said...

Oh, and I think this bottle would make the coolest laundry detergent bottle! I doubt method would ever change their detergent bottle, but if they did, I want this bottle. It already has the right lid. Just make the bottle opaque and voila!

Kristin said...

So I've been to Costco over and over since I first heard about this bottle. Did they just get it in again? Maybe they don't have it in Austin or Seattle?

Nathan Aaron said...

Apparently it's been out forever. But I've never seen one. But then I don't have a Costco account either... Not sure if they're carried in all Costcos or not; though you'd think they would be?

Aaron said...

I just finally got one from my local Costco and I LOVE it. (With a $2 coupon from Costco it was less than six bucks!) This bottle even won a design award from I.D. magazine!

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