Monday, July 28, 2008

new site debut

While method home's new site has been up for a while now; they've been adding pieces and parts to it here and there (and possibly everywhere!) but have finally made the official announcement on their own people against dirty blog!

"Ever envious of the products side of the business, which regularly enjoys packaging and design makeovers, has finally gotten what amounts to its own fancy, new party dress. After almost a year of planning, we’ve finally launched our new website.

Some cool things we’ve added since the old site:

+ A killer new homepage. We added a carousel mostly because we can never decide which stories we want to talk about…so, we decided to tell them all.

+ 3 ways to browse the method collection. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you’re new to method, finding exactly what product you’re looking for should be easy as pie.

+ New e-commerce experience. We call it a mini-cart. Nothing revolutionary other than a lot fewer clicks!

+ Tidbits. Basically the pop-ups you find on product pages that give you a little more info on a particular topic. The tidbits we have are a bit slim now but eventually start looking for video and audio clips embedding in them throughout our site.

Some things that are still coming along:

+ Search capabilities.

+ Breadcrumbing. Think Little Red Riding Hood…. wait, maybe that’s Hansel and Gretel. Basically, it’s a way of helping you know where you are on the site at all times. Like a trail of breadcrumbs… minus the small, furry woodland animals that eat them up.

+ More, more, more content - including interviews and in-depth content from our design and sustainability experts at method.

I’m not sure any of us figured on it taking quite so long but alas, here it is and now we can begin the real work –putting interesting stuff on the site. While the site will never actually be done, we thought we’d take this opportunity to see how you like. What do you love? What do you hate? What would you like to see added? We’d love to hear your comments. So, post away."

(Psst, tell'em they need to add a link to method lust! Ha!) Love the new site guys! Great job!


Stephanie Says... said...

I love the site...when I can get it to load. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes!!!!

I know it's not just my computer, because I've had problems with both my desktop and laptop. I've added it to my "safe" list, too. Any ideas? Other than getting an iMac -- which I'm saving for!

Nathan Aaron said...

LOL I'm not sure. It's Flash based, so it takes a bit longer to load; I've had the occassional issues as well, but perhaps down the line they'll work out the kinks. Until then, I guess patience will have to be involved! :-)

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