Wednesday, July 2, 2008

tiny updates, big news!

Two bits of news: one, the aircare aroma spray line is set to return in mid-August! So excited! I don't have details yet, not sure if we're talking new packaging here or not, etc. Mid-August seems to me to be right around fall debuts (though I could totally be wrong there.) So we might also be seeing the spring/summer limited editions replaced out with the fall limited editions (I'm pretty sure gingerbread + spice is returning. Not sure what the other scent will be.) But YES, our beloved aroma sprays are about to return to our lives! Spray strong, lusters! Spray strong!

And two: A moment of long silence. The Charlotte detox pop-up store DREAM OF A LIFETIME... has been debunked. It appears the Charlotte store will not be happening. (But I say, let's make it happen! If enough of us express interest, perhaps method will think it over? Huh, huh? I mean, I know you would have thought just the mere fact of my living in North Carolina would have brought them here, but alas! (And no, my ego is not that inflated! Why, the very thought. It was a joke, people. A joke! Oh dear...) I'm also hearing that Minneapolis may not be next on the list. Hey, I can't be right ALL the time! (Another joke, people! Geesh!) More news as I hear it.

And three: (What, there was no three?!) Nathan once again forgot his method profiles in-fo-may-she-on!, so look for it AGAIN tomorrow. He's let me know he promises to never slack off like this again. Well, at least not until next Wednesday. Sometimes he likes to talk about himself in third person. He's not sure why.


steve parker said...

all i have to say is "yay," "boo," and "are you drunk?" keep up the good work.

Nathan Aaron said...

If only I were drunk, life would be much more fun. ;-)

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