Tuesday, July 22, 2008

razzle dazzle

Whispers are saying the next method pop-up detox shop will be premiering in the Windy City of Chicago this fall! Keep on the look out - more info. as I have it! (Poor little Charlotte, dissed just like that.)

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Karin said...

so i never made it to the pop-up in nyc...but my best friend totally hooked me up with the 'plastic bag rehab' tote and a little bottle of liquid hand soap! apparently they gave away totes when you spent a certain amount of moolah! and they were giving away little glass bottles of the sea minerals hand soap...the glass makes me nervous but i love the simplicity of it! the tote is great btw...totally durable and there is an inside zipper pocket. is this post long enough for ya?! just thought i'd share. :)

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