Friday, July 25, 2008


Some reviews are coming in for method's new smarty dish cubes! Check'em:

"A Cleaner Clean For Dishes
Method's new Smarty Dish dishwasher detergent will be available in August at Target, sells for $6 for 20 one-load tablets and comes in both "pink grapefruit" and fragrance-free "go naked."

Those pre-measured dishwasher detergent tablets always seem to perform less than perfectly, leaving a bit of gritty residue behind.

But Method's new Smarty Dish dishwasher detergent "doses" completely washed away any doubts. The dishes sparkled.

Better yet, this new detergent contains no bleach or phosphates, which can spur algae growth, depriving fish and water plants of oxygen and contributing to water pollution. Smarty Dish is made from naturally derived biodegradable ingredients — and it works.


"We tried it: Smarty Dish
Leslie Crutchfield / The Detroit News

Method will soon add a new dishwasher detergent to its roster of eco-friendly products called Smarty Dish. The tablets look like an oval-shaped version of SweeTarts candy, so you must keep the dish detergent away from toddlers.

We liked how well Smarty Dish thoroughly cleaned the most stubborn stains from dishes and pots and pans. Method says the tablets are made with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that clean without putting phosphates and bleach down the drain, which harms the environment

Method will put Smarty Dish tablets in stores this fall.


Kristin said...

Hooray! They'll be out right around the time my Seventh Generation stuff is gone! I can't wait to try it.

Allison said...

I'm all about the method and I love their products, but does anyone else think $6 is a lot of money? That's only gonna last me for one month, and if you do the math that's $72 a year on dishes.

Karin said...

i agree about the cost being too high. i think that is a major reason it is difficult for a lot of people to go "green". i know it is sometimes hard for me to buy the more expensive stuff...but i'm trying. still, i am looking forward to trying out these new dish tablets. i currently use *gasp* cascade they are the only thing that has truly worked in my dishwasher...i know, i know...not good, but i need clean dishes and i need the detergent to dissolve completely in the dishwasher. here's hoping i can make the switch to smarty dish tablets! :)

Kimmie in SD said...

I agree, this is a bit pricey but I'm lucky enough to be able to afford it so I try to still buy them with the hope the price will go down as demand increases. And I don't know about other places, but Target stores here in San Diego tend to have sales on their Method products so if you get their weekly mailers (I'm still trying to figure out how to stop getting those - waste of paper) flip through them. I also e-mailed Method because their last version of dishwasher detergent wasn't so hot and they sent me $1.00 off coupons, if you want to try that. They are really understanding and would probably appreciate the feedback, if you are not using this product because of the price. Even negative feedback is a great way to support a business you like. It would suck if they failed and no one bothered to tell them why.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I have to admit I've stopped buying Method products in favor of CVSing and getting my household and personal care items for free or nearly free. The one Method product that I will pay more for is the free and clear laundry detergent. I use it mixed with Borax (because we have really hard water) and OxyClean for whites. But all the dish soap and sprays, etc. are back to "normal" brands or I've replaced them with vinegar and baking soda, etc. It's a bummer, but paying full price is a luxury these days.

steve parker said...

I agree this price is high, but quality costs! By the way, did anyone notice Leslie Crutchfield's misplaced modifier in her article? Based on her first sentence, method has a line of eco-friendly products called smarty dish. I'm sorry. I'm a grammar nerd, and this just stood out like a neon sign when I read it.

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