Sunday, July 20, 2008

goodie box revealed!

Hey all, I'm back! (I bet you missed me, didn't ya? DIDN'T YA!? Well, one thing's for sure, I missed you. (Guilt, does it every time.)

Guess what I almost forgot! I forgot the big finale post on our first ever method lust advocate spotlight contest winner! I promised to let everyone know what Vimie had won, so here goes! Her box included (all from my own personal method vault!):

+ one Frosted Cranberry holiday soy candle
+ one bottle (old school!) lavender tear drop dish soap
+ one Fresh Lychee pill refill
+ one bottle bloq beach sage lotion
+ one bottle freesia blossom aroma spray (way old school!)

Uhm, I think that's it! (I have a short memory span, AND I forgot to take a photo before mailing it out. I know, I know!) Vimie was really excited to receive the box, and had never smelled the freesia blossom scent before, and loved it! (It's been discontinued forever, unfortunately.) So enjoy, Vimie! And be on the lookout for future method lust contests! You could be the next winner! (If you do as I say! Or well, maybe just follow the contest rules, that'll work too. I'm not bossy, I promise.)


netta said...

Welcome back Nathan. You sure were missed.

Nathan Aaron said...

Thanks Netta!

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