Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hsn yay!

It's an HSN kinda day! Check out this great pic from HSN, giving us a slightly better look at the new squeaky green laundry detergent, and the dryer cloths! (I'm not sure if that dryer cloth packaging is actually that big, as it looks smaller in the video. I think they just did it for the image visual.)

And I also just noticed something great on HSN! For only $12.99, you can order their ginger yuzu hand wash bundle! Ginger yuzu has been discontinued, so now's a great time to pick it up before it's completely gone! The bundle comes with:

+ 2 gel hand wash bottles
+ 1 foaming hand wash bottles
+ 1 34 oz. refill pouch


Ether said...

When the ginger yuzu was discontinued I ordered TEN refills off the site directly.

This bundle is rather tempting, though I prefer the foaming handwash bottles to the traditional... hmm...

Ether said...

OOh, also, any idea if the new version of the dryer cloths will be compostable?

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