Monday, July 21, 2008

go advocate yourself!

Guess what's BACK! (Other than me, I mean!) method's official people against dirty advocate sign-up! Yes!

You can now head over to method home, and click on "meet people against dirty", then select "the community" and add yourself to the big ole' list of method advocates! I know many of you have been waiting for this to return to the method site, so rejoice, and go advocate yourself! Yay!

I THINK (but I'm not sure) if you signed up previously, you should still be listed as an advocate. BUT I'm not totally sure, as OY!, I attempted to make it to the 'N' section, but gave up. Right now it's using a page number method to view all the advocates; and I made it to page 14, and was still in the 'A' listings! Hopefully down the line they'll make it alphabetical (so you could just choose 'N' and boom, go to the 'N' section! Ok, I didn't really have to explain that one out, but just in case, ya know?) But none the less, it's back!


Kristin said...

Hey Nathan! While looking for myself, since I was already in the "K" section, I went ahead and looked you up. You're on page 198! Nice picture!

Nathan Aaron said...

Thanks! Man, you must have scrolled through pages forever!

Kristin said...

Forever? No. For a little while, yes. No big deal.

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