Thursday, October 30, 2008

method humanifesto

+ As people against dirty, we look at the world through bright-green colored glasses.

+ we see ingredients that come from plants, not chemical plants, and guinea pigs that are never used as guinea pigs.

+ we’re entranced by shiny objects like clean dinner plates, floors you could eat off of, nobel peace prizes, and tasteful public sculptures.

+ we’re an e.o.m.e.d.(equal opportunity movement for environment and design) method is our way of keeping the movement, well, moving.

+ role models in bottles.

+ a way to help each and every advocate put their method where their mouth is.*

+ to get out and fight dirty, take deep, satisfying breaths all day and sleep easy at night.

+ we’re the kind of people who’ve figured out that once you clean up your home, a mess of other problems seem to disappear too.

+ we always see the aroma pill as half full, and assume everyone we meet smells like fresh cut grass or a similar yummy, nothing-but-good fragrance.

+ we exercise by running through the legs of the giant, which is even more fun when a sprinkler is going.

+ and while we love a freshly detoxed home, we think perfect is boring, and wierdliness is next to godliness.

* (we believe in spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm.)

+ we also believe in making products safe for every surface, especially earth’s.

+ we consider mistakes little messes we can learn from, and nothing that can’t be cleaned up and made better.

+ we embrace the golden ylang-ylang rule: do unto your home as you would do unto you. (your shower doesn’t want to have morning breath any more than you do.)

+ but above all, we believe dirty, in all its slimy, smoggy, toxic, disgusting incarnations is public enemy number one.

+ and good always prevails over stinky.

+ and they really could put it where their mouth is, since everything we put inside method is safe and non-toxic.

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