Saturday, October 11, 2008

clean sweeps

+ Peppermint vanilla is coming back for the holidays? Wha? That's the news according to a recent methodtweet twitter announcement! One exception, though, they say it's not going to be available everywhere. More information as I get it! The holidays aren't far away, look for some exciting news on the new method holiday line very soon!

+ Those in the southeast can enjoy a great discount at your local Harris Teeter grocer (I believe they're only in the southeast, but I could be wrong!)Right now, until October 21st, you can get 25% off all method products! That's a great deal! (And I even found a bottle of Eucalyptus Mint foaming hand wash when I was looking! So you might find some surprises, as well as great deals!)

+ method luster Kirby wrote in to say: "I raised a few eyebrows when I just pushed all the beach sage body wash straight into my cart. Yes I'm crazy! Do you have Grocery Outlets in your area?" Only you forgot to mention which grocer, Kirby! Do tell so I can let the others know! Grocery Outlet IS the name of the store chain! I've never heard of it (but wish we had them!) She found a big stash of bloq for only $2.00 each!

+ Concerning the new method smarty dish cubes, I've noticed the Targets that maintain special method aisle sections (where a majority of the method products are all located in one area, instead of their respective cleaning departments) are retaining the smarty dish line; while the Targets that simply had them on their endcaps during the debut, have discontinued them, and are not going to be carrying the cubes. SO, if you have a special method section in your Target, you should be safe on the dish cubes!


kaoticorchid said...

Peppermint vanilla, eh? That sounds like a scent my DH and I would both enjoy. I'll have to check that out.

Kristianna said...

What about Spiced Pear? That was the one I missed last year.

Nathan Aaron said...

(Doesn't anyone read this blog? Ha ha! I'm SO seriously joking!) This year's holiday scents are: Spiced Pear (it's back!), Frosted Fir, Winterberry, and Toasted Hazelnut. Nothing was mentioned about Peppermint Vanilla, so I'm really surprised by this announcement. I'm thinking the scent might be available via the methodhome website only, but I'll give you more info. once I find out myself. :-)

Actually Spiced Pear was from two holidays ago. Last year was Cinnamon Bark, Hollyberry, and Peppermint Vanilla. I'm really surprised (and excited!) Spiced Pear is making a comeback! It rocks!

Sprockets said...

wo, cool! Peppermint Vanilla rocks!

Funny, the two holiday scents I stocked up big time on at Big Lots, Spiced Pear and Peppermint Vanilla, are both coming back! They rule.

My only suggestion for Spiced Pear is to change the colour of the bottle a tad. It looks a bit too muddy brown, should be more golden green.

I was also bad and got 4 bottles of Bloq go getter body wash from eBay. I can't live without that one, and I demand to know why they discontinued it! ;)

kirby said...

Ah, slight typo--I was emailing you from my phone, while freaking out about BEACH SAGE and pushing an unruly cart full of Bloq and surely pissing all my fellow shoppers off in the process. Grocery Outlet is a deep-discount grocery chain. Kind of like the Ross or TJ Maxx of food. It's earned nicknames such as the "expired food store." But they always have great prices on natural/organic body and home products (Nature's Gate, Seventh Generation, Avalon Organics, etc)--and sometimes they throw a little Method in the madness. A couple of years ago they had the pink grapefruit and lavender surface sprays and Blue Sky mint glass cleaner in the ollllld bottles.

GenaRuth said...

PSSST! That Kirby is a GIRL.


Nathan Aaron said...

OHH, ok. genaruth, I get it! At first I thought you meant "Girl" as in, well, never mind! I get it... sorry! lol (And sorry Kirby!)

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