Tuesday, October 28, 2008

clean sweeps

+ method luster Capri stated in a comment she left recently on method's Facebook page that she has received official word method is discontinuing carrying aroma rings in Canada, siting a lag in sales. All you Canadian aroma ring lusters, pick'em up quick!

+ reader Michelle gave me some money saving news via email:

"...in reference to the post about Method deals on HSN - I have something that makes the deals on HSN even better. HSN participates with ebates.com and if you shop on HSN’s website via Ebates you earn 3% back from your purchase. So, it’s like being rewarded for spending. Ebates sends out checks quarterly and you have the option of either receiving the check for yourself or having it sent to a charity of your choice. All you do is either sign up on Ebates or use someone as your referral (my email is chissler@cox.net - shameless, I know!) Every little penny saved/earned counts for something these days!"

I haven't tried it out myself, but if you do, let me know how it goes!

+ Aroma pill refills for the holiday scents (or at least some, I'm not yet sure which scents will be included) will be available in stores, though not on method's own site. Peppermint vanilla will be selectively included, as well! (These may not be available at all stores, so if you start seeing them, let me know when and where!) OH, how I hope they have Frosted Fir! (Will I ever decide whether to capitalize scent names, or not? No, I doubt I will! What do you think? Caps? No caps? Nathan needs some English help...)

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Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

First of all...AAAAHHHH...my name is on Method Lust's page! :-)

Anyway, as for Ebates, y'all, it's legit. Drugstore.com participates, too...the list of participating retailers is endless (well, not really, but it IS lengthy). The good thing to know about Ebates is that you still get any other incentive the retailer is offering (i.e., free shipping, coupons, etc.) in addition to receiving some money back. The money is credited to your Ebates account once your item has shipped. Referrals get you some cashola, too.

Anyway, it's fun, it's addictive, and it doesn't make my "Method Lust" seem so bad because I'm getting some cold hard cash back in return. And, you can either have the money sent to you or to a charity...it's all up to you! :-)

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