Saturday, October 25, 2008

lustful giving

I know, money is tight for all of us. And no, Nathan hasn't suddenly become green paper greedy, or has decided to go purchase a yacht, on everyone else's finances! (Hmm, though that would be really cool! Who wants to buy me a yacht! Hmm? No takers?) Ok, ok, focus, Nathan. Focus.

I've added a donations button to the sidebar. It's a paypal donations button. All you need to have is a paypal account (if you're paying with your bank account) or hey, you don't even need one of those. Pay with a credit card, and you don't even need an account! Anyway, the point of this is I'm wanting to take ole' method lust to the next level. And the first way is buy (get it, get it!) purchasing an official method lust address. (No more blogspotting! It'll be so much easier.) And it's a mere $15. for the address, but if you only knew how strapped for cash I am on a monthly basis (and I already pay for two other sites. Both my personal design sites) you'd know any help would be greatly appreciated! ($1 from 15 readers =! Yay!)

Secondly, hey, this takes me some time! Whew! And I'm not getting paid by method, so any gracious donations by my wonderful readers would be so appreciated! (Plus, I promise, it would all go towards method products; which would provide you with even more reviews, contests, etc. as I'd be able to purchase products I might not, otherwise, due to costs, etc.)

I'm not groveling, I'm not attempting in any way to become greedy, I've just put up a paypal donate button, and would lust to get us a address! (It's available! I know this! Don't go buying it and demanding $1000. for it. It's illegal to do that anymore, right? Anyway, I can do a Who Is, and find out who bought it, and hunt you down, and put your head in my trophy case. If I had a trophy case, that is.) So lust the button, spit at the button, hug the button, donate to the button (and therefore, method lust, and actually more method greatness for you, through method lust!) Or, just let the button be, it's just a button, after all. The button, and therefore you, are guilt-free.

Thanks, from the bottom of my method heart!


Anonymous said...

Check your paypal luv!

Anonymous said...

Method should TOTALLY put you on the payroll! And they should link up to your site for Q and A's with fellow lusters..

Nathan Aaron said...

I keep hoping they'll put a permanent link on their site, for method lust. (But no luck so far.) Let's keep hoping! :-)

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