Monday, October 27, 2008

no green to go green(er)?

While washing dishes this weekend, I noticed something! I had been using my old spiced pear dish soap from a couple years ago; and then recently went out to purchase a new bottle (cause mmm, it smells so Heavenly to me!) And I went to squeeze some out, and tada, it was clear! Hmm!

The oddity was that the original bottle of soap was tinted green. (See above pic. Bottle on left, green bottle, clear liquid. Bottle on right, clear bottle, green liquid.) In fact, all the old dish soap liquids were tinted; whereas now they're clear, and the bottle let's advocates "know what scent they're getting." I've thought about this in the past, and wondered if it wouldn't be cool if the bottles were all in the scent colors, but the product inside would be clear. - Hand wash, dish soap, spray cleaner? I know method uses natural colorings and such for their products, but would clear products be even more green? Curious!

What do you think? Would you go clear, if method did? (Actually, I think the holiday hand wash is clear this year, as well? Am I right? Hmm, must go investigate some more...)


Sprockets said...

I finally made it down to Target and they had a fully stocked holiday end cap, yay! I think the only think missing was the spiced pear aroma rings?

I have to say they really stepped it up with the spiced pear. I've been using the hand soap from 2 years ago that I scored at Big Lots. The new stuff seems even crisper to me, I love it even more (as if that was possible) and they also improved the colour of the bottle. The old spiced pear bottle was a little muddy to me, this one looks much brighter. YAY!

I love the colour of all the holiday bottles this year. I think in general colour bottle > colour soap, unless coloured packaging make it more difficult to recycle the plastic?

The frosted fir scent is too overpowering for me, I think it needs to be mixed with something a bit sweet or spicy to tone it down. At first the holly berry was too sweet, but it is really growing on me. I love the slightly spicy tone that lingers afterward.

And of course spiced pear is still like one of method's all-time most amazing scents. I am going to build up a huge cache of that stuff, I am very excited about the dish soap.

I just got out the old Frosted Cranberry. It is very light, a bit odd at first. I'll have to keep trying it.

When December comes I'm whipping out the old Peppermint Vanilla, I love that stuff.

robertcraig said...

How come the Naked free and clear handsoap isn't clear?

Nathan Aaron said...

Sprockets, well, what I'm trying to say is, if you have a spiced pear colored bottle; do you really need the soap to be colored as well. Or would a clear soap be alright, if it smelled the same. It looks green "in the bottle" anyway, cause the bottle is green (and you really can't even see the soap til you squirt it into your hands.)


JUST my opinion, but gah, when I get a tree scent, this is what I want. I want it to smell like I just went into the woods, chopped down a tree, and started sniffing it. NOTHING added. I personally hate (and this is usually what you get with tree scents) when a company takes a tree scent and puts some sweet smelling ugh into it. LOL (I've always loved the Bath and Body Works Tree candle they put out each year. It smells divine!)

Frosted Fir isn't totally "fresh tree" by any means; but I think the combination of the Hollyberry (what I smell anyway) helps make it all work together.

My 2 1/2 cents.

Sprockets said...

Nathan, I get your point and agree that you don't need both a coloured bottle and coloured soap. Just not sure which one is more "green".

I like that the holiday bottles are coloured, makes them more special and decorative.

I'm glad you dig the strong frosted fir scent. I'll give it a go but it was too much for me. I'll stick with the spiced pear and holly berry ;)

James said...

Clear is fine with me.

I do have a question one of your blogs, there was a quote from someone saying "if it smells bad, it's bad. if it smells good, it's bad." Does that apply to method products too? :(

Nathan Aaron said...

LOL, uhm, I don't know, James. I'll have to hunt out the quote to do more research...

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