Thursday, October 23, 2008


UPDATE Tomorrow is the last day to sign up! So go! Sign! Win!


After reading my latest paper towel commentary here on method lust, kaoticorchid has given us a bonus challenge! Over on her blog, Spinning a Yarn: Orchids Knit Spot, she says:

"So, awhile back I told everyone about how I'd switched to Method products for my every-day household cleaning. Remember that, so long ago? I like their products because they don't leave behind heavy fumes and they are biodegradable so they don't pollute the drain-water (which is already polluted enough) which later becomes our drinking water. I also just really like what Method does as a company.

I'm all about getting back to the basics. There are some things that I won't budge on, such as disposable diapers, but I try to keep things pretty au-naturale around baby c. We use chlorine, propylene glycole, and scent free wipes. We use chlorine free diapers. When she gets a bath, we use eco-friendly (not to be confused with organic) lotions and soaps, which have even helped thus far with her skin allergies. You get the picture.

Which is why I've been hanging over at Method Lust, where Nathan posts about the daily goings-ons at Method. He's a similar minded-guy, who is trying to cut down on his foot-print on the Earth.

Recently, Nathan has challenged both himself and others to cut down on the amount of paper towels used by using microfiber cloths or other reuseable cloths to replace them in three one month (Nate's note: I think she got confused. Or it was wishful thinking. Ha ha!) Now, knitters are fantastic at making all sorts of items, including my favorite, the dishcloth. When Rick and I moved into our house a couple of years ago (has it really been that long?) I knit up quite a few of them, which we have used for all sorts of crazy purposes. Honestly, we've worn out/burnt/misplaced/spread around the house so many of them that I've recently had to start knitting more to replace them!

So here's the idea: I am going to knit three washcloths this next week and the week after to give away to the person who posts the most unique and unusual use for their reusable cloths/dishcloths. But spread the word! Post about it on your blog (if you have one) and leave me a comment here. Rick and I will decide on the winner of the washcloths on October 24th."

Sounds like a great prize! My only question for you now is, do you accept the challenge? (Yes, you do! Now, go! Do! Win!)

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