Tuesday, October 28, 2008

into danny's vault

Ok, yeah, uhm, green living expert Danny Seo has the method vault to end method vaults! Well, at least when it comes to having lots of method! (Perhaps not old school vault items, like we lust discussing!)

Over on his blog he posts:

"...I work with Method cleaning products as a partner, so I have access to a plethora of product from them. So, here I keep a "mini store" of my favorite Method goodies and let people "shop" the store when they visit. I have a lot of editors from magazines who come to visit me, so I find this is a nice way of welcoming them to my home." (See pic above)

Word! Ok, now method treats me right! They're so wonderful, and sweet! But man, could you imagine if you had a "mini method store" in your utility closet, and your friends and family could pick up an item they might be interested in, here and there? My friends would freak! In fact, just the other day one of them told me I hadn't given them anything method in a while, and they were wondering why? I've given some of my friends spiced pear cleaning spray, and bloq body wash, a candle or aroma spray here or there, just to try and hook them in! Ha ha! Danny is LUCKY!

Also, be sure to head over to his site and read not only the rest of this article, but his piece on the Detox Chicago party he took part in.


Karin said...

Dude! How do you get this job: "I work with Method cleaning products as a partner"? Sign me up for that!

kirby said...

I think my heart melts every time I see those huge jars of hand wash on tap.

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