Monday, October 13, 2008

u show me yours, i'll show u mine

Show some lust (and links), that is! Have you added method lust to the links/blogroll section of your own blog/site? If so, let me know! Just drop a comment and let me know your own site's address, and I'll add your link in kind, to this site! They will be added to the u share + i share section on the sidebar to the right!

And thanks for helping spread the method lust word! (And thanks to you for helping spread my site's word! Oh you're welcome, and thank you for adding my link! Oh no, thank you for adding mine! Oh you're quite welcome, and thank you for... oh I'm getting dizzy...)


Ej said...

I have you in my links - very excited for the Christmas scents - I feel a Target shop coming on!

Nathan Aaron said...

Added! Thanks!

VoyageVixen said...

I have Method Lust on both my blogs:

Nathan Aaron said...

Added! Thanks so much, voyagevixen!

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