Wednesday, October 29, 2008 holiday finds!

Two method lust readers have let me know about some great finds at! Peppermint vanilla, cinnamon bark, and hollyberry scents are all available on that site! At (pretty much) fairly normal pricing! The items vary based on the scent (the peppermint vanilla has everything available, I believe; while the other two have about four or so items.) These range from spray cleaner, to candles, to dish soap, aroma pill refills, etc! Plus if you purchase $25., you receive free shipping! AND, reader notahetero80 let me know if you head over to you can find $10 off a $50. order, or $5 off a $30. order! Have fun!

Also, is currently having some BOGO (buy one, get one free) pricing for method cleaning cloths! Can't beat that deal!


Anonymous said...

And free shipping!

Nathan Aaron said...

lol, I said that! (You're too excited. Calm down, breath deep. lol)

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