Tuesday, October 21, 2008

method laundry tablets?

Yeah, yeah, I know they've just put out their new squeaky green laundry line, but I'm thinking ahead, alright! And I just found this great (if short) post on The Dieline concerning a new laundry detergent from the UK:

"Care&s is brave new detergent aimed towards people who love their clothes and care for the environment. It is neatly packaged in pill-form to avoid the biggest problem in laundering today, the overdosing that simply destroys your garments. Care&s does not have tensides and bleach as their active ingredient, but an organic enzyme, which it's why it is very kind to mother nature and it's inhabitants. Care&s is available in selected fashion stores across Europe."

But more importantly, take a look at that pic! Tablets/pills! How cool would this be, in method form! - Laundry tablets! Come on, you know it'd rock! (More seeds being planted in method minds!) Thoughts?


Serenity said...

I would buy method laundry tablets in a heartbeat! I was recently very upset to discover that my fiance uses twice the necessary amount of detergent (he said that the recommended amount doesn't "seem" like enough to get the clothes clean), so a tablet would be an awesome idea for those who just can't help themselves from being wasteful.

Nathan Aaron said...

Yeah, some people have difficulty understanding "3x concentrated"!

Maren said...

They would also be super-convenient for people who do their laundry in laundromats or apartment/dorm laundry rooms--they could easily take just as much detergent as they needed with them. I use the Method dishwasher detergent tablets already--don't see why they haven't thought of doing the same thing with laundry detergent.

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