Sunday, October 19, 2008

holiday is here!

...well, for some of us! But it is finally hitting Target stores. So if you haven't seen it yet, it should be showing up very soon! In fact, I felt like an undercover spy this morning, roaming my local Target with my hidden digital camera (as they frown upon taking photos in the stores) and I hid down an aisle across from the new holiday end cap, and snapped a flick! Just for you method lust fans! So enjoy! I'm loving the design work on the packaging, and advertising (see below) this year, it's really nice.

I'm feeling a little mixed on the scents, though. So I'm going to give them time to sink in (well, when I purchase some more items, as I did pick up a Frosted Fir hand wash, but that was it until payday, at the beginning of next month!) and then I'll go more in-depth with some reviews. Last year I disliked Cinnamon Bark when I first smelled it, and it took me a while to get around to purchasing some CB hand wash. That's when I ended up really liking it, so I don't want to be too hasty.

My first thoughts on the scents go like this: Frost Fir is Hollyberry meets a tree. No joke. If you love Hollyberry, you should definitely lust this scent, it's REALLY similar to Hollyberry. I think this will be my new favorite for the holidays. Winter Berry reminds me of berries and fruit punch. Don't ask me, that's just what I smell every time I take a sniff - fruit punch (with perhaps a little cinnamon thrown in for good measure?) Spiced Pear is deliciously peary, with spice. Really, it was a huge favorite of mine in past years, and I know it will be this year. And Toasted Hazelnut, well, honestly, I figured this might be my least favorite scent of the bunch, and I think I'm going to be right.) The Gingerbread + Spice hasn't hit our Targets yet. (But hopefully it will!)

One rant. One question.

+ The rant. Ok, at the beginning of the year I could pick up a method candle in 6.0 oz. size for $5.99 in the ceramic container. When method went and changed the container to glass, they added 0.5 oz to total 6.5 oz, and raised the price to $7.99. A bit steep, but ok, we'll go with it. Last years holiday candles came in an 8 oz. size, and cost us $7.99. This years candle trio comes in three small candles, but totals 6.0 oz, and costs us $9.99 (at least at my Target. The trios are $9.99, while the large candles (6.5 oz) are $7.99.) I'm now paying $4.00 more for the same "size" candle I could get earlier this year for $5.99. And I'm now paying $2.00 more to get 2.0 oz less candle than I got last year. Hey, I realize prices are going up on everything, and perhaps raw materials are also more expensive for method now. But I bothers me a little bit when I have to pay $4.00 more to get less candle in the new candle trio sets.

+ The question. I LUST me some aroma spray. And I'm really, really, really disappointed they've decided to not have any this holiday. Last holiday they didn't have any either, but it was (I'm sure) due to the impending spray recall they were about to do. Previous years they have had the aroma spray. I love it, cause it's an easy and quick way to get your house smelling holiday great! Grab bottle, spray, mmm! So I really hope they reconsider the sprays for next holiday! I'll live without a fourth scent, or aroma rings, or such; if I can get me some holiday aroma spray! So here's my question to you, what do you usually purchase in the method holiday line each year? In order of importance? Aroma rings, aroma pill/pill refills, aroma spray, candles, hand wash, dish soap, spray cleaner, aroma sticks, and method's holiday "special" (meaning each year they try to put something new out. Last year it was the aroma beads, this year it's the potpourri ball, etc.) Me personally, I'm too broke usually to purchase up everything, so I end up choosing. If each of these are available, I usually go for the hand wash, candles, aroma spray, dish soap, spray cleaner, and IF I have anything left, sometimes the pill refills. The sticks, and holiday "specials" usually end up being too expensive for me to buy each year. (Though I'd lust me some spiced pear aroma sticks this year, if I can do it!) So what are your picks (again, in order of importance?)

+ Prices. (At least at my Target.) $2.99 for dish soap, hand wash, and cleaning spray. $6.99 for aroma bamboo rings (a $1.00 cheaper than the normal bamboo rings, surprisingly.) $7.99 for the large candles. $9.99 for the potpourri ball, and candle trios. And $12.99 for the aroma sticks.

More on holiday, later! When I've had a really good time to give them all a try! (And when it's closer to the holidays! Ha ha!)


James said...

Right on time, Nathan. I guess our Target here in St. Louis put their method holiday stuff out this weekend too. They have it facing a main aisle which was a little awkward for me because I had my nose burried in each candle scent trying to decide which I liked better all the while everyone else is thinking I'm a freak lol.

Hollyberry is still tops for me. Frosted Fir was alright, but they didn't have the dish soap in it which was totally disappointing! I ended up just getting 2 of the winterberry ornaments and 2 of the spiced pear ornaments. Now that I've opened them at home...scent wise, they're just ok. I don't just love them. And where are the refills for them, method? hmmmmm?

But they were too cute, so I had to get them. But kinda sad that the whole trip was kinda disappointing...can I say that one of the cashiers had me more excited than the holiday line? :)

kirby said...

I just can't get into the spiced pear scent. Though I'm guessing it's pretty well loved if it got to come celebrate the holidays with us again. I lust the hazelnut--I put a big candle by my computer and it makes my mouth water. Not the first time I've been tempted to taste a method product!

My must haves are always the hand wash and candles. Usually I swap all my *regular* method with holiday method on Thanksgiving--but I couldn't wait that long this year.

robertcraig said...

BTW, Nathan you sound seriously prejudice with your patchoulli comments. I make an incredible homemade dark patchoulli + clove soy candle. And I am not a hippie. (FYI sandlewood is an incredibly expensive essential oil and usually it is not harvested responsibly. Much of the sandlewood out there isnt really sandlewood or it contains so little of the essential oil that it is blended with other hippie man scents.)

Having said that...what is up with the Aroma balls? I hung one up in my office, which is small, 3 days ago and this morning when I got to work, I could not smell a trace of winterberry.

Also, toasted hazelnut got banned from our house when my partner said it smells like his grandmother from the 80s.

But frosted fir is still fantastic.

Nathan Aaron said...

Robert, it's not me! I'm just the messenger! Right from an article here on the blog:

"One thing we are working on is the perception that a product cannot be both stylish and have substance – people still seem to think that in order for a product to be “green,” it has to smell like patchouli and be packaged in a stock bottle that you couldn’t possibly imagine leaving out on your countertop. Quite the contrary. At method, we believe you can have a package made from post-consumer recycled content that looks beautiful and is filled with the “greenest” juice out there; all the while being scented with unique fragrance oil combinations, making the whole experience of cleaning actually fun!"

Nathan Aaron said...

PS - I lust patchouli and clove (especially clove) so I bet I'd love your candle!

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