Wednesday, October 8, 2008

advocate review

method lust received an email from reader (and regular contributor!) Netta this week, sending us some reviews of products she's recently been trying. Netta doesn't mince words, let me tell you!

Netta says: "In August I decided that I would try some Method products that I have never used before and let you know how they turned out for me, so here goes..."

+ Ginger Yuzu gel hand wash - love, love, love it. The scent is very nice and soothing. I read some reviews about this scent and a lot of people did not like it some even said that it smelled like rotten fruit. It was very nice to my nose.

+ Grapefruit dish soap, gel hand wash, and surface spray - I have mixed reviews about this line. I did not like the surface spray, it does not smell anything like a grapefruit so I will not purchase that product again. The dish soap was ok, not as "grapefruity" as I thought it would be but cleaned my dishes. I did like the grapefruit gel hand wash. It smelled very citrusy and smelled like a grapefruit and the scent is very light and pleasant.

+ Cucumber dish soap, surface spray, and gel hand wash - This particular scent I had to order online because it is very hard to find in stores and I must say that I absolutely love this scent. The scent is light and is strong and pleasant enough that when I use the products in my kitchen it fills the air and floats into my dining and living rooms and even my powder room. I actually use the cucumber surface spray in my powder room and love the fragrance I get when I open the door. I use it right before I expect company and when they use the bathroom they always want to know the fragrance. This is definitely a winner for me and I never had a favorite method scent before because everything smells so good but I think that this is it.

+ Sweetwater gel hand wash - I do not like this scent at all. It does nothing for me. I have this hand wash in my powder room and when I wash my hands I end up in my kitchen washing it again with my cucumber hand wash. It is now in the basement (my husband's man cave) bathroom. My husband and his friends will use it without a complaint.

+ Squeaky Green Laundry detergent and dryer sheets - It comes in the sweetwater scent that I cannot stand. I tried it and it did a wonderful job on my clothes but I just can't take that sweetwater scent. I gave it away to my girlfriend who will use anything with the method name on it.

+ Method kid body wash in Crisp Apple - I like the way this fills my bathroom with the apple scent. It goes on very light and smooth and I even use it to shave. I think its fun and refreshing. My god daughter loves it.

+ Pomegranate Tea Plug In - I can't explain how much I love this scent. I have a 3 level home with a bathroom on each floor and I have this plug in in all three bathrooms. No matter where I am in my home I can smell the pomegranate tea. I use vanilla apple plug ins in the other rooms of my home and I swear that both scents are trying to out do each other. I think they smell wonderful as a combination though. Method should consider keeping this scent around.


Thanks, Netta! I'm surprised the cucumber scent is so hard to find at your Target? That's one of method's four core scents (cucumber, pink grapefruit, lavender, and go naked (ok, so go naked isn't REALLY a scent, but you know...) and they're easily available at all the Targets I go to. Have you checked every aisle? In the Targets that don't have the special method section, they have these mixed in with all the cleaners.

And who else thinks pomegranate tea should stick around? I LUST it! I (personally, I know, some readers will hate me for saying this) think this scent is a much better choice for permanent residence in the aircare line, over the citrus cilantro scent they chose from the spring edition line, to replace eucalyptus mint. JUST my opinion, folks. We all got'em. (Please don't hate me, I need friends!)

If you have a product review you'd love to have on method lust, send it to me! Pronto! (Or whenever you get around to it, I'm not pushy!)


James McKee said...

I have to say...I'm not crazy about the pink grapefruit or the cucumber either. For those being 2 of their 4 primary scents...I really think they've had so many better scents that should take their place (yes, cut grass...i'm talking 'bout you!).

I wish they would have consistent lines of their scents. For example, I think sea minerals would make for a great aroma pill, detergent and dish soap. I sometimes think the scents fight each other out too! If I could get all of my method products in one scent, my home would be in method harmony!

Sprockets said...

i think the scent pallette could be better organized too, but we can't expect to have everything in every scent. at first i found it frustrating, but now i like their seasonal scents to mix things up a bit.

i like the pink grapefruit but agree it is not really so "grapefruity", at least in the spray cleaner and dish soap. i'm surprised they don't have a nice minty scent as one of their core scents, like the old mint dish soap.

i can see why people like the pomegranate tea, but it isn't my fave. i LOVE cilantro citrus, and would love if they brought back the eucalyptus mint. it was so fresh and clean, mmm.

Aaron said...

I have to agree with some of the earlier comments:

1 - I can't STAND the Sweetwater scent and am really dreading when I'll be practically forced to use that or "Go Naked" for my laundry.

2 - Bring back Eucalyptus Mint! I stockpiled the aroma rings, pill refills and hand wash... but it won't last forever. :(

3 - Love the cucumber dish soap, which I also use as hand wash in the kitchen.

4 - Pomegranate Tea... meh. I could take it or leave it. Bring on the holiday scents!

Nathan Aaron said...

I think they need to rework their grapefruit scent. The idea of a citrusy style scent excites me, but I've always thought it smelled rather eh. (Except for the hand wash, which it sounds like many of you out there like.) I think the grapefruit mandarin scent they had previously would be PERFECT to replace the grapefruit! It smells so wonderful and citrus like!

I think if EVERY scent were in EVERY product, the scent line up would be really reduced; and I'd hate to see that happen. I think they need MORE, not less! (But then, I'm greedy. lol)

As for mint, more, more, more! I think everyone knows I'm a mint addict, and I wish they had more mint! In fact, to my surprise, mint is running ahead in the scent poll right now! Maybe that'll get method to think about more mint!

Karin said...

i think i have met my method scent! netta has almost the exact opinion of those products as i do. and i also have a difficult time finding the cucumber scent...i never see it at my Targets...i thought it had been discontinued.

Netta said...

I don't know what it is Nathan but both of my local targets do not carry any product in the cucumber scent at all. I have even checked other Targets when I am out of my area but I still have not had any luck. I like anything mint as well but I have not been able to find any bloq products in mint or any other scent and they are just too expensive on the method website. I didn't mean to be so harsh about the sweetwater scent but I just can't stand it. Glad that we are on the same page Karin.

kaoticorchid said...

My DH loves the Eucalyptus Mint smell as well as the Cucumber scent, too! I wish they had more of Eucalyptus Mint in the Method line. In addition, I wish our Target carried the handwash-we can only get it at Lowe's.

However, I am a big fan of the Pink Grapefruit for exactly the reason everyone else seems to dislike it! I don't like overly citrus smells, so that makes this suit me just fine.

Nathan Aaron said...

kaoticorchid, your Target carries NO method hand wash?!? That's insane! And rather eye opening to Target's obscure retail practices. I mean, it makes practically no sense? Or Target carries all ten varieties! And yours carries NONE? Geesh. I don't get retail at all sometimes...

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