Monday, October 27, 2008

the right scents

method luster James sent me a link to this scents article he found very interesting! It comes to us from divine caroline, and begins:

"The Right Scents: Smells for Sleep (and Waking Up)
By: Allie Firestone

Fall is chock-full of scents, and that’s one of the reasons I love it. Picking up on the huge variety of smells—whether it’s pumpkin pie, freshly-baked cookies, or spiced apple cider—is something I recently realized that I take for granted.

Scientists say that humans can distinguish over 10,000 different odor molecules. Turns out, while it doesn’t require any conscious thought, our ability to pick up on a scent involves a sensitive and complex function that has powerful effects on our memory and behavior. How else can I explain how one whiff of pumpkin immediately conjures up thoughts of trick-or-treating and holiday gatherings? Scientists dedicated to tracking the complex relationship between smells, our behavior, and our moods have found that certain scents trigger feelings, including those that help us relax and fall asleep and those that perk us up and keep us alert and focused.

Sleep and Relaxation
Looks like I’m not the only one tossing and turning—according to the National Sleep Foundation, over 60 percent of Americans get less than eight hours per night, and over 40 percent say they’re too tired to perform well at work at least a few days each month. Once I’m asleep, I’m totally out (I once slept through a smoke alarm), but it’s the getting there that’s a consistent problem. Smell experts claim the sense of smell offers a natural and cheap solution to the sleep dilemma.

A Wesleyan University study linked the smell of lavender to improved quality of sleep. The study, supported by the Sense of Smell Institute (yes, there is such an institute) showed that certain scents increased the length of time people spent in deep sleep—the most restful and restorative phase in our sleep cycle. Lavender proved to help both men and women get more meaningful shut-eye, but the effect was heightened in women. “This better sleep ability may be due to the effects of reproductive hormones in women,” says Dr. Namni Goal, the study’s lead researcher. Before Dr. Goal’s experiments, sleep experts were unsure of lavender’s power to improve sleep, but her study validated the connection. In addition to helping those of us who just want a little extra help getting our eight hours, the study also showed that lavender helps people who are depressed and having abnormal sleeping difficulties.

Not a fan of lavender? Another study, conducted by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush at Wheeling Jesuit University, showed that subjects sleeping in a room with a faint jasmine scent slept more peacefully and felt better rested the next day..."

Head on over to divine caroline and read the rest!


James also asks if we've done any posts on scents we'd lust method to produce. There was a post here, way back when; but why not ask again? What scents would you love to see method pour into your favorite product? Comment below!


robertcraig said...

Um, I hate to be a negative Nancy, but Method's lavender lemongrass smells nothing like real lavender (or lemongrass for that matter which has a really strong lemon scent, more like lemon verbena). I like the Method scent but to get the benefits of lavender try Crabtree and Evelyn's Relaxation line or pure essential oil which is pretty common at most heath store and Whole Foods.

Nathan Aaron said...

You LOVE your Crabtree and Evelyn, don't you Robert? I'd have to be a millionaire to shop there, unfortunately. I love their stuff, but just go in, look, wish, and walk away. lol Sigh... so is the life of a poor boy.

Sprockets said...

I disagree, I think that method's lavender lemongrass is a very nice combination of both scents. The lemongrass really perks the scent up.

Man, I love me some jasmine, method should make a jasmine scent :)

James said...

I'd LUST some gasoline scented candles and bleach scented candles (the method guys are probably fainting right now).

ommmm I'd love for them to try honeysuckle. I think it should be their replacement for cut grass. Honeysuckle is such a bright, summery scent! I think that'd be my top pick!

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