Monday, October 6, 2008

scent heaven

New method luster James (and recent aroma ring winner!) has a wonderful question!

"...I discovered method probably 2-3 years ago, but I was limited to what Target carried. Now I see on your site all of these fragrances in method scent heaven that I've never heard he got me flowers, etc. Any way we could get a blog post on what products those various scents were offered in?"

I think that's a great idea! Many scents have gone the way of the dodo (Unforunately. For the scents, AND the dodo! I bet you the dodo would have loved method scents, ya know?) So here, for new lusters (and old ones that just wish to reminisce) is a list of scents you'll find on the right side bar titled method scent heaven, and what products carried them! Enjoy!

+ premium candle line (available only online and at Linens N' Things): apricot basil, chocolate martini, crème brûlée, fresh laundry, fresh lime, he brought me flowers, paris rain, rose petal, and spiced berries

+ spray cleaner: bamboo (kitchen spray), coral (glass cleaner), cucumber melon, and grapefruit mandarin (kitchen spray) (method spray cleaner used to come in specifics, kitchen, bathroom, and all-purpose. Now they're each all-surface (with the exception of glass, daily shower, and tub + tile)

+ body wash: (first line) cassis flower, lavender thyme, and mango mint; (bloq line - includes lotion, bar soap, *w/shaving cream) beach sage, citron leaf*, and green mint*

+ aircare line (aroma spray, candle, & pill, *w/ capsule): creamy vanilla (candle only), fig, freesia blossom*, grapefruit pear*, gardenia (candle only), red currant (candle only), and snow days (candle only)

+ hand wash (gel): ginger yuzu (also in foaming), lemongrass, mandarin + bergamot, pomegranate, and pumpkin spice

+ holiday line (candle, dish soap, hand wash, pill refills, & spray cleaner, *w/aroma beads): cinnamon bark*, frosted cranberry, hollyberry*, mistletoe (candle only), peppermint vanilla*, and snowy days (candle only)

+ hand lotion: (first line) signature scent, french lavender, and snowy days

+ vroom car care line: basil verbana, lavender vanilla, mandarin melon, and seaflower

+ floorcare cleaner: rosemary mint

Whew! There you go! (Did I miss any?)


Karin said...

I still have the candles: apricot + basil and he bought me flowers. They didn't/don't burn well and didn't give off much scent. I am very glad method revamped their candles (minus the new wick snafu). Also, my Target carries a car care line and I could have sworn it was vroom (?). And, my Safeway is stilling carrying/selling a few of the bloq line (the purple and blue bloqs)...and they are still over $6 (I saw them today!).

Nathan Aaron said...

vroom, the brand name, was bought by Target, if memory serves correct. But all the cleaning sprays, car plug-ins, refresher sprays, etc. were discontinued from the line. The only products under vroom now are cleaning cloths of various types. But I know it has to be slightly confusing for people that used to buy the method version of vroom!

I always thought the premium candle line scented my house nicely. Hmm? Though I do agree they burn horribly. I have a ton of wax left in each candle. lol

Quill said...

I wrote Method earlier this year, and was told that they would be bringing back the cinnamon bark hand soap next month as a holiday scent. I sure hope so, as I intend to buy enough to keep me supplied for the next year...

Nathan Aaron said...

Hmm. I'll have to check into this, Quill! (I should have some sneaky sneak holiday info. very soon!) But the only scents mentioned for this season were frosted fir, winterberry, toasted hazelnut, and spiced pear. So perhaps they changed their minds? I lusted the cinnamon bark as well! I bet if it doesn't make a return this year in any form, it will one holiday down the line! I think it did well!

Nathan Aaron said...

PS - I swore spiced pear was never to return (and was pretty much told so by method.) So imagine my shock at seeing it in this years holiday line! So there is always hope a scent will return!

Quill said...

If it doesn't, I'm going to remind them of their statement...I've got at least two friends who are waiting to get their hands on that scent too! Yummm. :D

kirby said...

This post makes my little chin quiver. I hope I get to go to scent heaven when I die.

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a (soy) candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just a kid
Your (soy) candle burned out long before
Your legend ever did...

Oh! Did you ever try the mandarin + bergamot hand wash? This is my first time ever hearing of such a thing, but it sounds amazing. *sniffle sniffle*

James McKee said...

Thanks for posting this ;)

All these scents I never knew. And I'll never have the chance to know :( This is a lot to deal with at once!

Nathan Aaron said...

Well James, have hope! Every once in a (rare) while, method will bring a scent back (such as spiced pear, this holiday!) I did actually notice two scents in my scent Heaven list that has been brought back, so I had to remove them. But then discovered THREE scents that had been discontinued, that weren't on the list. SO, you win some you lose some...

There are some scents even I've never gotten to try! Including paris rain, bamboo, coral, cucumber melon, mandarin + bergamot (though if it's anything like grapefruit mandarin, it rocks! I have a LITTLE bit of my grapefruit mandarin kitchen spray left, and don't want to ever use it, LOL; pumpkin spice (a Costco only holiday item one year), and mistletoe. Hmm, that's a bit of a list for me! I think I'll go cry now, myself...

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