Thursday, October 16, 2008

is the bark back?

UPDATE AND, the bark is back! - Sorta. I did indeed stop in Office Max today, and low and behold, they had a small holiday section in the store (like, small. And not in the green section, like Netta's. In fact, my store's green section was a tiny endcap. Seriously, I asked. Sad, I know.) But it appears (at least at my store) these are leftovers from last year. As the aroma sticks I found were last years short, round bottom glazed ceramic vases. (Not the inverted ones Netta mentioned. So I'm not sure what's up?) And I found the hand wash in all three scents (only three bottles of each.) No all surface cleaner. (They also had some method hand sanitizer in the general cleaning section, for those that lusted it! It's been gone for a while from method's product line.) So I picked me up some Cinnamon Bark hand wash! I'm so excited! Thanks Netta, you are the best! (PS - it's all a bit pricier than Target, $3.99 for hand wash, $14.99 for the aroma sticks. But I expected that, unforunately, at a store like this.)


...and the peppermint vanilla, and the hollyberry? method lust reader Netta mentioned to me that on a recent trip to Office Max, she discovered the green products section of the store! And that wasn't the only thing she discovered:

" my surprise they had Method products in this area as well. They had gel hand wash in hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla! Aroma sticks in hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla and they were in the new inverted ceramic containers. They also had the surface spray in all three scents. Now I remember reading your blog and you mentioned that these scents were from last year, so as I stood there staring at them wondering where in the world did they come from? Are these leftovers from last year and if so how did the aroma sticks make it into the new inverted ceramic containers? Are these scents making an appearance this holiday season or only at certain retailers?"


Wow! Could this be the "only in limited availability" caveat that was mentioned for peppermint vanilla's holiday return (as well as luster Quill being told earlier this year that cinnamon bark hand wash would be back!) I sure don't know, Netta! But I'll be making an Office Max run real quick like, you can be sure of that! If anyone else takes note of these items at Office Max, let method lust know! Also, Costco has been known to carry fall edition, and holiday versions of method products. So if anyone has a membership to Costco, go check out the method section, and let me know if you see anything unique! Thanks!


robertcraig said...

Oh Hollyberry, how much I love your sensual balsam scent. Sweet sweet Hollyberry come visit me again...

Quill said...

Guess where I'M stopping on the way home from work? :D Thank you!!

James said...

I stopped at Office Max and it was a very sad endcap at the very back of the store. They did have the peppermint vanilla but none of the other seasonal scents :( :( :(

They did have some of the hand sanitizer (which I didn't know was discontinued cuz method still has it on their website). So I may go back for that...and I'll probably check every other office max like the nut I am :)

Anonymous said...

SO I totally found some today at Fred Meyers (krogers). They didn't have the all ppurose spray though!

I had emailed Method, and the lovely Sarah had given me a couple hints as to who else would have it. I know my fred meyers assured me they had plenty

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