Wednesday, October 29, 2008

rhonda's chicago detox

As we're rounding up the method Chicago detox experience here, method lust reader Rhonda has sent me in some great pics from her very own detox party! (LUCKY her!) She says:

"I sent you some photos from my Method house party. - I love the way they propped stuff around the house. It was so much fun. My party was October 4th; it was their last, and the largest with 30 people. (No one said no to the invite!) They were great - Felicia and Sarah were at my house and everyone loved them. There were two cocktails that were similar to Method products. A lemongrass ginger cocktail and a pink grapefruit martini... yum!"

So check out all the pics, already! Wish I had been there!


Check out that last pic! It's method's own Sarah Stich looking OH so sassy! You go girl!

Oh, and Rhonda, I want your mercury glass/silver set in the first pic. Gorgeous! Wow! I lust stuff like that! Thanks for sharing!

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