Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ebay finds!

Oh, while hunting around Ebay today, I found a few great finds you wonderful readers might be very interested in! All discontinued product! Check'em out, before they're history!

+ method premium candle line: fresh lime $10.14 (buy it now)

+ method premium candle line: he brought me flowers $10.14 (buy it now)

(though shipping on both items is a ridiculous $10.00. So only for those that LUST method candles like crazy!)

and just in time for the holidays, a peppermint vanilla aroma beads diffuser $10.55 (buy it now) + $5.43 shipping.

Enjoy! Let me know if you buy one of these (and what you think!)


james said...

omg i had to do it. yah, i'm the guilty one. please no haters :) i wasn't a method luster when these products were around so i never got to expierence them. i'm reeeeeeally looking forward to the lime. i LUST me some lime. in fact, the citrus and cilantro scent out now is pretty good too. but that's limited edition, right? nathan, can we get some statistics on the top selling scents from method? will they share that? i would love to know if citrus cilantro sells good enough to keep it in the line-up!

Nathan Aaron said...

James, citrus cilantro is a regular line up now. It was a limited edition for spring, but they replaced eucalyptus mint with the citrus cilantro as a permanent scent.

Might I say, I'm just not a fan of it. lol I try and try, but to no avail.

BUT, you're safe! (for now. You NEVER know about method, and scents.)

James said...

omg i know. like i said earlier, sometimes i feel like i should just switch to sweet water. it's very unlikely they'd discontinue that since they've trademarked it.

i have to say...i first got the citrus cilantro aroma pills and that's what got me hooked. as far as air care, the aroma pills are what i care about the most ;) anyway...i decided to grab a bottle of the spray. it just doesn't smell the same...it smells way sweeter to me. but it's ok cuz i still LUST the aroma pills.

i'm guessing you preferred the eucalyptus mint?

Nathan Aaron said...

Actually (can I admit this?) my only two aircare scent favorites are lavender + lemongrass (my FAV, of the four) and pomegranate tea! Eucalyptus mint, vanilla apple, and sweet water have never done anything for me. I had high hopes for citrus cilantro, but I don't think it has enough citrus, or cilantro. lol

I liked eucalyptus mint (oh, I'm going to regret telling this story) and had it in my bathroom, until a friend of mine came by, and smelling it went "that smells like cat pee" and then all I smelled was cat pee! (It did, too, sorta.) Sorta like this one time I went to Yankee Candle, and was smelling this tree scent, and WHEW, it LITERALLY smelled like cat pee; and the woman that worked there came over to me and whispered "that's the one we all call cat pee scent." and I went "THAT'S what I was thinking! Ha!"

It's funny how a scent can smell like one thing, then turn on you one day, and smell like something totally different, and it's never the same.

Whew. sorry for that long story.

OF course my fav fav was Fig. Oh, for the fig. I lusted you fig. How I lusted you...

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