Tuesday, October 7, 2008

tweet update

A couple items of note, coming from method's very own twitter, methodtweet (which you can catch right here on method lust, just check it out to the right in the side bar!)

+ The squeaky green laundry line is apparently making it's way/already at retail stores. So if you happen to see it, give us a shout! (I haven't seen it pop up in Target, yet.)

+ method cofounder Eric Ryan is featured in the Nov. issue of Dwell magazine as the guest decider on front-loading washers and dryers.

(Whew! Following this Tweet stuff can make your head spin?!? And I'm feeling sorta old, cause uh, I don't really "get it?" But it's cool, none the less!)

1 comment:

kellyshaffner said...

Hi Nate - re. the Squeeky Green Laundry line: Last week I bought the laundry detergent (clear + free) @ Shoppers Drug Mart in Calgary, AB, CAN. Surprising, because Canada (atleast in Alberta) is usually quite behind & limited in Method product. :o) Kel

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