Friday, October 24, 2008

method market

Welcome to the method market! Here you can share, trade, give, or barter your method products! This gives everyone a chance to try different products they may not have, otherwise; and possibly fall in lust with them!

For full instructions (it's so easy!) go here. There may not always be something available here, it all depends on how our readers are feeling! So be sure to check back every once in a while, and see what's up! Now, off to market! Enjoy!


kirby said...

I have Frosted Cranberry hand wash (quantity: 2, unused)! It's come to my attention that I may be the only person who actually liked Frosted Cranberry, but if anyone else is lusting it, offer me something I can't refuse. ;-)

Also up for trade, I have Beach Sage Bloq body wash (quantity: 3, unused). I lust this stuff so madly but I have stockpiled so much, I'm afraid I'll never use it all. It's fantastic, really.

And finally, I have one unused Green Mint Bloq shaving cream... I just can't get into the shaving cream, but I know lots of you lusted the minty fresh scent.

Really the only method things I don't lust are spiced pear scented. Soooo, to set up a really stinking awesome trade, contact me at:
kirbylynn {at} gmail {dot} com

notahetero80 said...

Ok everyone.. For trade I have 2 UNUSED dish soaps.. These are both in the now discontinued "bowling pin" squeeze bottles. I have Cucumber scent and Pink Grapefruit.

I also have several each of the air sprays in all of the now available scents.

I am looking to see if anyone has any of the Hollyberry from last christmas or any of the now discontinued holiday scents anything from candles to dishsoap.. i want it! Even if it is partially used i'd still like to have it! See how desperate i am for this stuff?

notahetero80 said...

oops... and yes i can be reached at

Nathan Aaron said...

Nate here! I've got two items up for trade!

One is a citrus cilantro candle. It's used, but has way over half the candle left! Really, I wasn't a fan, so I didn't burn it too many times.

The second is old school! It's a Fresh Laundry premium candle from method! Also used, this sucker is originally 10.5 oz, and has over 3/4 left! Smells like fresh, clean laundry (seriously!)

Uhm, for trade? Well, I'm looking for a hollyberry, or cinnamon bark candle. Or some fig plug-in refills. Pumpkin spice hand wash! Lemongrass hand wash! Or, tell me what you got? (Or I'll just peruse this here market from time to time! ) Thanks!

You can find me at, here at the market, or uh, well, anywhere on method lust!

Ether said...

I've got a bottle of the waterlily+aloe liquid fabric softener. Just not my scent. Used a couple times, but it's still nearly full as new.

I'm currently looking for nectarine blossom dryer cloths.

ether AT sweet-vitriol DOT com

Rebecca said...
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