Monday, October 13, 2008

holiday sneak!

UPDATE method luster Robert let us know his Target has already stocked the new holiday line! Lucky Robert! The items include:

Handsoaps in Frosted Fir, Winter Berry, Toasted Hazelnut, and Spiced Pear scents; large candles in all scents (I love that they also have the large size candles!); and the small candle trios, potpourri balls, dishsoaps, aroma sticks, aroma rings, and counter sprays each in winterberry and pear scents. (Aroma pill refills might make an appearance; they were delayed last year as well, for some reason. Sounds like no aroma spray again this year, though (and while they had a reason last year, due to the impending recall; Uh, >cough cough< no reason this year!) I really hope they decide to bring it back for the holidays next year! That's one of my favorite aircare line items for the holidays! Yes, I am greedy. Yes I know this. Yes, I'll continue to be greedy. Thank you.)


Now, what to do on this quiet October evening? Wait, I know! How about a method holiday sneak peek! Ohh, I knew you'd lust that idea! Take a look!

This season will bring us the return of Spiced Pear, along with new scents in Winter Berry, Frosted Fir, and Toasted Hazelnut! Let's take a look here at Spiced Pear, and Winter Berry!

Above you'll see method's red carpeting a brand new item this holiday, a potpourri ornament! Something beautiful to hang on the tree! Along with a candle trio, aroma ring, and hand wash.

Here's a shot of the candle trio box. (the candles total 6 .oz, so here's to hoping they're the same price as the current large size candles (6.5 .oz) I lust the great new holiday package design! (But of course, did we not think it would rock? It's method!)

Here's a look at the new Spiced Pear bamboo ring (all the aroma rings for the holidays are bamboo!), dish soap (I'm SO glad they're bringing this back in Spiced Pear! I've brought out my last bottle to use this fall, from the previous holiday season; and was hoping I'd be able to replenish my stock this holiday! And the Winter Berry spray cleaner.

And I leave you with Spiced Pear candles a'glowing. Look for Toasted Hazelnut and Frosted Fir sneaks soon!


robertcraig said...

My faith in Method has been restored.

james said...

omg i'm lusting. wonder if winterberry is anything like hollyberry cuz that is one of my favorite scents next to cut grass. i guess i'm one of the few that was diggin' hollyberry tho ;(

i really hope these make it to retail can we decide what scent to go with if it's online only?!

Nathan Aaron said...

Yes, they look awesome! (Though I'm praying for aroma spray to be part of the grouping! I really missed it last holiday!)

James, they usually all hit the retail stores! Given that there are four scents this year, I'm a little cautious, but optimistic! method usually always has this big end cap in Target stores overflowing with holiday fare! I drool and grab a cart every year, when I see the end cap from a distance! Can't WAIT!

Jamison Combs said...

I am lusting the smaller candles. I hope those stick around even after the holidays. Maybe this is Method's answer to the problem we had with the new candle design. (Fingers crossed.)

I have never been a fan of potpourri, as it reminds me of The Golden Girls and clutter... But somehow Method has managed to make this Potpourri Ball/Ornament sexy.

Nate, I am gonna start saving now so I can go on a Method shopping spree as soon as Target launches all of this glory. Open an ING Savings Account or something cause here we go! Let the stockpiling begin!

Sprockets said...

OMG, we get Spiced Pear dish soap AND aroma rings too?!? EXCITING!!!!
And a winter berry spray cleaner. WOW.
And potpourri ornaments, so cute!

Mossman said...

These look great! I bet they are not available in the UK though - who wants to send me a parcel!?!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It all looks (and I'm sure smells) fabulous!


robertcraig said...

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!! (Keep it down in there!!!) GO TO TARGET and get your holiday on!!! My Target has a loaded endcap with HO HO HO!!!

Handsoap in all 4 scents
Large candle in all 4 scents
Trio small candles in winterberry and pear
Potpourri ball in winterberry and pear
Dishsoap in winterberry and pear
Aroma sticks in winterberry and pear
Counter spray in winterberry and pear

robertcraig said...

Oh yeah, Aroma rings in winterberry and pear

Sadly, no pill refills in sight

Nathan Aaron said...

Wow, that was FAST! I'm so there at lunch today! (OH but so poor til end of month... grr.)

No aroma spray? Sniff.

kirby said...

Here's to cashing out my 401[k] and going into temporary retirement for the holiday I can spend the next few months surrounded by all these freaking wonderful new method lovelies!

I was just at Target yesterday and no holiday method yet. :( But I am totally going back today.

Nathan Aaron said...

Ugh. No luck on my end. I'll try the Target near home this evening. We are so addicts. lol

Sprockets said...

How long does the holiday line usually last at Target? Like into January at least?

Nathan Aaron said...

It usually goes on sale along with all the other after Christmas items. So yes, the very beginning of January.

robertcraig said...

HA HA!! Finally I get the goods first! I was actually shocked to see it. I went to get more omop juice and there was holiday! I got the toasted hazel nut handsoap. I am still stearing clear of the candles. Frosted fir smells wonderful.

Sprokets, it lasts until after New Years. Two years ago Target unloaded everything for 90% off. I scored tons of candles and pills. The we got so sick of Frosted Cranberry. Last season Target was much slower to put the holiday line on clearance. But it finally went to 50% towards the end of January. I grabbed a ton of Hollyberry candles, aroma sticks and aroma rings. I could never get sick of Hollyberry. I have enough candles to last the whole season.

Sprockets said...

Cool, thanks for the info gang. I want to stock up, but am also moving to CO in early January, so it'd be silly to have to pack up even more method. stuff in my vault. I'll definitely want lots of the dish soap, they sound WAY more fun than the existing scents.

stephenjames716 said...

awesome post, thanks for the info....can't wait till my target carries these (they weren't there last night).

James said...

not at my target yet either :(

glad to see someone else lusts hollyberry. i can't wait!

robertcraig said...

James, the Frosted Fir is really similar to Hollyberry. You should like it a lot. It is forest green.

I FREAKIN' love Hollyberry. I liked the red color too.

Karin said...

i have never liked any of the holiday scents other than the gingerbread. everything is too cloyingly sweet for me. since some of my favorite scents are on the milder side e.g. cucumber, eucalyptus mint, ginger yuzu and beach sage, i wish method would come out with a holiday scent that wasn't over the top. the spiced pear sounds interesting but i'm not going to get my hopes up. none of the holiday line was at my local target yesterday.

sadly i don't think method is selling well in my neck of the woods. although the line is expanding at whole foods...will whole foods be selling the holiday line?

Nathan Aaron said...

Never fear Karin, the squeaky green laundry line, gingerbread aircare, nor the holiday line has yet to hit any of my three Targets; so I think Robert just totally lucked out!

steve parker said...

Method holiday has landed in Charlotte! I love the mini candles. Method should consider these year round, maybe in packs of two rather than three. Winter Berry is my hands down fav! I bought one of everything in it.

Anonymous said...

I still have astockpile of Holly Berry from last year. Winter Berry is a close second though. Good times.

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