Wednesday, October 8, 2008

well, well, wash!

Guess what I found today? (I bet the pic to the right sort of gives it away a bit, doesn't it?) I was roaming my friendly Ross today (a store in the same retail vein asTJMaxx, and Marshalls ) and, while realizing they NEVER have any good finds in the body department (seriously, they've always lacked badly in that dept.) I decided to stumble over there anyway. You know, a good five minutes still to waste before I had to head back to work.

And what do I see, sitting there all alone? One little bottle of method green mint bloq body wash! Can you believe it?! I've never seen method at Ross (or TJMaxx, or Marshalls, for that matter!) I was so surprised! I ALMOST bought it. But you know, it was $2.99, still a great price; but after my .69 cents per bottle craziness at Goodwill while it lasted, $2.99 seemed downright insane! Oh, plus I have like seven bottles still in the ole' method vault. THOUGH I'm tempted to go back, mind you. I'm going to head out to the Ross near my house and see if they happen to have any method hiding in the shadows! I'll let you know if I spy any!

How about you? Seen any method in weird places lately?

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