Tuesday, October 21, 2008

all linen'ed out

Ah, the home of method's original premium candle line, and for quite a while after Target, method's bowling pin dish soap bottle, is about to be no more, (possibly) another victim of our bad ole' economy. Linens and Things is going out of business. And this might be a chance for you to pick up some method goodies, cheap!

In fact, on a trip there tonight (to hunt out the Nate Berkus line they carr(ied) because there was this blanket that I dreamed about for nights over years at a time, but uh, could never afford the thing cause it was like $80.; but that blanket was so fluffy and cool, and creamy, and I can't even explain it, and all the Nate Berkus stuff was uh, gone. I asked, and the guy said they had shipped it all out a while ago. Hmm, I say? Shipped to where? Ah well, it wasn't to be, my little blankie, it wasn't to be... sniff.) Oh yeah, the point of this post! I actually found a method omop, and plenty of old school method wipes! All for 10% off! Ok, ok, so you might want to give the big "final sale" a while to get bigger, because right now it's only 10%-30% off (and uh, yeah, everything was !0% off. There wasn't a 30% to be found, except on all the window signs, mind you.) But sooner or later, there might be cool savings to find on method goodies at Linens and Things.

So let's all pause for a moment of silence, and quiet sheet folding. (Cause you get linens at Linens and Things, and those include sheets, and they're going out of... oh forget it.) Thanks to reader Stephen for the heads up!


Karin said...

I'm surprised they lasted this long, to be honest. Up here in Northern VA they definitely couldn't compete with Bed, Bath & Beyond. I always favored the BBB...Linens just didn't have as much...but they were practically the same store.

Serenity said...

I agree...good riddance to LNT. My local store went out of business earlier this year, and I was able to snag an awesome Nate Berkus blanket and a nice frying pan, but I refused to buy anything else because the discount was only 20%. A going out of business sale should be a fire sale, right?! Sheesh, I can get 20% off everyday at BBB with my coupons.

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